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Shiftleft Infographic
Load Testing

Why Your Performance Testing Strategy Needs to Shift Left

You’ve likely uttered the phrases “test early and often” and “shift left,” but do you always remind yourself of the importance of that phrase from the end user’s perspective? Or has it become white noise? While the agile approach is focused on implementing small, iterative tests throughout the development and

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Performance Tech Tips

Performetriks Training: Developing with Performance in Mind

This is the first online performance engineering training for developers, architects, QA, and test engineers.  The Performetriks team will share their collective experience from real projects and educate your team on how to write high performance applications.  This training fits perfectly into the shift left philosophy and attendees will learn how

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ping test
Network Services Monitoring

How to Do a Ping Test

[dt_gap height=”10″ /] No computer is an island. We connect to so many different servers throughout the day that we don’t even think about it. Until we can’t connect. Or the connection lags so much that you start to consider going offline for a while (gasp!). Maybe you could use

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Load Testing

Getting Started with LoadView On-Demand Performance Testing

Let’s face it – the ideal load test emulates real world traffic, yet most load testing software doesn’t come close. A series of GET requests from an in-house server can’t possibly replicate what actually happens when a website sees a sudden increase in users from all over the world.

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Dotcom-Monitor News

Introducing LoadView: Real Browser Based Load Testing Software

LoadView is a new load and stress testing product capable of performing load tests that scale to thousands of simultaneous users.  The complete details of the new LoadView product are currently featured on  LoadView is a powerful cloud-based load testing tool that can run in real browsers as well

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