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ping test
Network Services Monitoring

How to Do a Ping Test

[dt_gap height=”10″ /] No computer is an island. We connect to so many different servers throughout the day that we don’t even think about it. Until we can’t connect. Or the connection lags so much that you start to consider going offline for a while (gasp!). Maybe you could use

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Load Testing

Getting Started with LoadView On-Demand Performance Testing

Let’s face it – the ideal load test emulates real world traffic, yet most load testing software doesn’t come close. A series of GET requests from an in-house server can’t possibly replicate what actually happens when a website sees a sudden increase in users from all over the world.

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Dotcom-Monitor News

Introducing LoadView: Real Browser Based Load Testing Software

LoadView is a new load and stress testing product capable of performing load tests that scale to thousands of simultaneous users.  The complete details of the new LoadView product are currently featured on  LoadView is a powerful cloud-based load testing tool that can run in real browsers as well

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GLibC DNS Exploit in Unix/Linux Machines

A DNS related exploit of Unix and Linux based operating systems has been gaining attention lately. The vulnerability exploits a bug in the GNU C library commonly referred to as the GLibC, serves as the core C library for many flavors of Linux and Unix based operating systems. This library

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Page Load Speed

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? The Mobile Speed Test

So why do you want to know if your website is mobile friendly? Most likely it is because you have heard about last year’s announcement from google over at google webmaster central. It turns out that Google has updated their algorithm to significantly increase the weight of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. That’s right, significantly! So, optimizing your site for mobile is the way of the future!

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Performance Tech Tips

Microsoft Internet Explorer End of Support

This is a big week for Microsoft end of support agreements.  As of January 12, 2016, older versions of Internet explorer are no longer supported. IE 11 is the only version to receive updates moving forward.  

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Web Load Speed Time eCommerce
Performance Tech Tips

5 Things Your Boss Needs to Know About Your Website

You may think the answers are obvious, and the most obvious questions include: How many people are hitting our website? How many site visitors are converting? Is the blog drawing traffic? Which pages are receiving the most traffic? These are not necessarily the most important metrics about your website, and

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