Key Takeaways

  • Server monitoring is an important subset of overall performance monitoring. If your servers experience unplanned downtime, it can spell disaster for your site and your users, especially if you don’t actively monitor servers for uptime and performance issues.
  • A server monitoring tool like ours at Dotcom-Monitor ensures you receive alerts when issues arise, so you can take quick action and resolve problems before they affect your users.


What Is Server Monitoring?

By implementing a server monitoring tool, you can keep better track of your entire IT infrastructure, and make sure your servers aren’t experiencing downtime. If downtime does occur, server monitoring tools like ours at Dotcom-Monitor will act to alert you to issues so you can your team can take prompt action and minimize impact for your users, in addition to identifying the root cause of the problem to avoid further unplanned downtime.

Looking for a server monitoring tool can be challenging. The market is filled with tools that offer certain features you want, and a lot of features you don’t. You need to make sure your server monitoring solution can accurately collect and store data on CPU load, used memory, storage, and network performance. With so many tools out there on the market, which one is right for you?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 Server monitoring tools for 2023 so you can make informed choice about the right server monitoring tool for your business.

Top Server Monitoring Tools for 2023


1. Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor is a complete performance monitoring solution that gives you full visibility into the functionality of your website, app, or API. Monitor server availability and user experience from an easy to understand, customizable dashboard. Fully automate your projects’ email server and FTP server monitoring so your team can get to do what they do best: fix problems and create a great user experience for all of your users, at scale.

Dotcom-Monitor is trusted by companies like Comcast, Dell, Volvo, and more for comprehensive network monitoring. Make your website the best it can be while saving time, money, and grief. Dotcom-Monitor’s affordable plans include 24/7 customer support and a complete suite of tools for server and other important kinds of monitoring. With starter and enterprise plans, Dotcom-Monitor is guaranteed to have the best server monitoring solutions for your business. Get a free trial or schedule a demo today to see how Dotcom-Monitor leads the monitoring industry.

2. Site 24×7

Site 24×7 is a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring system that provides a variety of performance testing and monitoring services. Because it’s cloud based there’s no need to install anything on site. Users simply sign up and get to work.

Site 24×7 server monitoring supports monitoring Windows, Mac Os, Linux, and FreeBSD. Virtualization platforms like Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare are also supported. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use for developers of all skill levels, and can support cloud servers maintained on other platforms.

There is an option for yearly or monthly subscriptions. You can monitor up to 10 servers a month for $9 after your 30-day free trial.

3. NinjaOne

NinjaOne is a user-friendly and powerful IT monitoring service. Servers based on Windows and Mac OS are supported. Monitoring all your servers, workstations, firewalls, and routers with ease with a tool pros and amateurs alike love.

NinjaOne allows you to fully automate all of your monitoring needs so you can get to work on fixing critical issues. You can remotely manage all servers and get updates on the health and functionality of your servers.

NinjaOne provides an all-features-offered free trial on their website.

4. Datadog

Datadog is a popular performance monitoring tool that offers monitoring on all devices, applications and servers. It features a drag and drop dashboard that allows you to do side by side monitoring of your servers’ performance metrics.

5. Anturis

Anturis is an online monitoring system monitoring CPU load, RAM, disk usage and more. It helps you to monitor not only server performance, but also connectivity between devices, checking open ports, and even analyzing your server’s performance history.

Anturis is easy to use, it provides a comprehensive dashboard and allows for customizable notifications via text or email. Get a quote on Anturis’ website after your free trial.

6. AppDynamics

AppDynamics is a performance monitoring solution offering comprehensive server monitoring. It gives you the opportunity to monitor the health of your servers and check in on network infrastructure. Integrate Jira, PagerDuty, and ServiceNow with your servers.

Identify server issues and solve them quickly with AppDynamics. Don’t let slow load times and bottlenecks affect your end users, check out AppDynamic’s website to get a quote.

7. SolarWinds

SolarWinds is an agentless web performance software that provides comprehensive server monitoring. It’s free and open source so you won’t pay a dime to get alerts to changes and errors within your servers. Monitor response time, CPU load, memory, and event logs.

SolarWinds is a free server monitoring tool. You can start with a free trial on their website.

8. CollectD

CollectD is a monitoring solution written in C++ to help you stay up to date with any changes to occur on your servers. It collects data about systems and application performance and stores it on RDD files. CollectD performs systems analysis, monitors performance bottlenecks, and identifies server overload to help you give users the best possible experience.

CollectD is free and open source, so get monitoring today.

9. Pandora FMS

Pandora Flexible Monitoring System (FMS) is a powerful server monitoring solution that provides all the data you need in one convenient window. It provides comprehensive server monitoring and full network monitoring to detect and alert you to any issues as they arise. Pandora FMS is a SaaS based solution with the ability to store large amounts of data, so no need to waste time implementing software or hardware.

Request a quote on Pandora FMS’ site after your free trial.

10. Ganglia

Ganglia is an open source server monitoring system that is designed to keep track of grids and clusters. It has distributed architecture, uses XML for data representation, and XDR for data transport. Ganglia compares and contacts hosts to see if anything looks off, and alerts you when an error is detected.

Like we said, Ganglia is open source i.e free, so get monitoring right away.

11. New Relic

New Relic is a server monitoring solution that understands that User Experience is the most important metric of success. New Relic creates easy to understand visualization to help you and your team make sense of performance data. It provides numerous integrations for whatever your needs might be.

New Relic offers a free standard plan, for any more features get a quote on their website.

12. LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is a cloud based, on premises, and hybrid monitoring solution that allows you to see performance data in one convenient dashboard. It’s highly scalable, letting you manage up to 25,000 devices in one customer account. Get full stack visibility into your server performance with preset thresholds and customizable alerts. LogicMonitor gives your IT team the speed and flexibility to get the most out of your servers.

You can get a quote for both the Pro and Enterprise plans on LogicMonitor’s website.

13. Icinga

Icinga is a branch of Nagios, and shares many functionalities as a server monitoring solution. It works on checking your server availability and alerts you when any server experiences downtime. You’ll get an instant notification when something is wrong, so you can head back to the comprehensive dashboard to fix it. Monitor hardware like switchers and router, as well as HTTPS and SMTP status.

As a part of Nagios, Icinga is free and open-source.

14. Nagios

Nagios is a trusted performance monitoring solution that offers agentless server monitoring. It offers 3500 add ons for server performance monitoring, so you can be sure you’ll get the data you need. It’s simple to use web interface and customizable dashboard makes it a great tool for developers of all skill levels. Supported on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Unix, use Nagios to get alerted to issues within your servers.

Nagios is a free open-source tool, so start monitoring for free.

15. Op5

Op5 is a server and network monitoring tool that gives you observability into hundreds of devices at a time. Op5 is a scalable product that allows you to monitor a large network from one convenient place. With these insights it gives you alerts to any changes and can even make predictions about future recurring issues.

Pricing for Op5 starts at $135 per month per user.

16. Monitis

Monitis is an open-source performance monitoring solution that keeps track of the overall health of your server infrastructure. It is a cloud based tool, allowing you to monitor your server remotely so you can download and get monitoring. Cloud based solutions are an easy way to save time and money. Monitis supports Windows and Linux servers.

Monitis is a free and open-source tool.

17. PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is an all-in-one monitoring solution for enterprises of any size. It gives you the ability to monitor a larger number of servers and get real time information on availability, capacity, and reliability. Monitor your entire IT infrastructure from one comprehensive dashboard.

PRTG has a number of paid monitoring options, so get a quote on their website after your 30-day free trial.

18. Atera

Atera is a cloud based, remote monitoring solution that offers Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). Atera is popular with IT departments and IT consultants as a powerful integrated solution to monitor all managed networks for a low flat fee. You can use the network discovery add-on to look for blindspots and identify any unused or unmanaged devices. Atera offers free local customer support 24/7 and requires no onboarding costs.

Atera calculates costs based on number of endpoints and technicians, use the free calculator on their website to see if Atera fits in your budget.

19. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a proactive server monitoring tool that keeps your servers up and running. It checks the virtual and physical availability and health of your IT environmenT. ManageEngine monitors URLs, server and event logs, Microsoft exchange servers, VMWare ESX, and more. Get visibility into all server related issues in one place with ManageEngine OpManager.

ManageEngine OpManager has plans starting at $245 for 10 devices and goes up to $11,545 for 250 devices.

20. ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic is a monitoring tool that allows you to contextualize performance data from your servers. Using a customizable dashboard and virtualization monitoring, you can view key metrics and understand what they mean for the health of your IT infrastructure. ScienceLogic alerts you when problems arise in your network so you can fix them ASAP.

21. Zabbix

Zabbix is a performance monitoring tool for enterprises of all sizes that monitors servers, network services, and other hardware. Monitor key metrics, server availability to best figure out how to manage your IT infrastructure. It is a highly scalable tool, making it a fit for projects both large and small.

Zabbix is open source, so download today to give it a try.

22. WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is an IT infrastructure management solution that gives you visibility into key performance metrics. It gives you out-of-the-box dashboards so you can get to work analyzing data from your servers. Proactively monitor your servers with WhatsUp Gold for comprehensive simple server monitoring.

WhatsUp Gold pricing is calculated by the number of servers/devices and features used, so use their calculator to get a quote on their website.

23. eG Innovations

eG Innovations provides centralized server monitoring on more than 10 operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and more. It helps you gain visibility into your performance metrics by letting you set baseline metrics and alerting you when anything goes wrong. You’ll receive on console to monitor your enterprise’s performance and get accurate diagnostics and reports. eG Innovations is a cloud based, on premises, and hybrid solution.

Grab a quote on their website to see if eG Innovations meets your needs after your free trial on the Easy Evaluation plan.

24. Microsoft: SCOM

Microsoft: SCOM is a core part of the Microsoft System Center suite. It is a great way

to monitor server availability, performance metrics, and overall IT infrastructure health

in all Microsoft Window Environments. It comes with out of the box dashboards so you can monitor all your windows based projects with minimal setup.

After a 30-day free trial, Microsoft: SCOM offers the teams plan for $110 per month per user, the EAM plan for $178 per month per user, and the EAM-X plan, which you can get a quote for on their website.

25. Sensu Go

Sensu Go is a full-stack observability tool that helps you make sense of performance data. Learn the correlation between metric, logging, and tracing to get to the root of user problems. Sensu Go lets you monitor multiple cloud infrastructures in one place.

Sensu Go is free up to 100 nodes, subscription packages are available after that.

The Best Server Monitoring Tool for You

As you can see, there’s a mature and growing market for server monitoring tools. It can be overwhelming to pick through the array of options available. We hope that with this list you can look at your project’s needs and select the best tool for you.

Server Monitoring tools, like ours at Dotcom-Monitor, make keeping your website up to date easy. Stop problems before they affect your end users by implementing server monitoring, and make sure downtime doesn’t cost you time and money. Start a free trial of Dotcom-Monitor or schedule a demo today to see how Dotcom-Monitor can help you monitor your server and deliver the best possible experience to your users.

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