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Performance Tech Tips

Why Traditional Monitoring Isn’t Enough for Modern Web Applications

Website and web application technologies have grown tremendously over the years. Websites are now more than just the storage and retrieval of information to present content to users.  They now allow users to interact more with the company in the form of online forms, shopping carts, Content Management Systems (CMS),

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Page Load Speed

Optimizing Web Performance: Understanding Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts are diagrams which represent how website resources are being downloaded, parsed by the engine, in a timeline that gives us the opportunity to see the sequence and dependencies between resources.  It assists in identifying where important events happened during the loading process. They can also let the user

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Performance Tech Tips

Network Throttling: Monitor the User Experience

Network Throttling When it comes to monitoring web application performance, not only is it necessary emulate user actions, but also network conditions of end-user devices. Network throttling allows you to control connection speeds to better match the experience of real users, allowing you to see web application behavior in specific

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Load Testing

Why Your Performance Testing Strategy Needs to Shift Left

You’ve likely uttered the phrases “test early and often” and “shift left,” but do you always remind yourself of the importance of that phrase from the end user’s perspective? Or has it become white noise? While the agile approach is focused on implementing small, iterative tests throughout the development and

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Performance Tech Tips

Performetriks Training: Developing with Performance in Mind

This is the first online performance engineering training for developers, architects, QA, and test engineers.  The Performetriks team will share their collective experience from real projects and educate your team on how to write high performance applications.  This training fits perfectly into the shift left philosophy and attendees will learn how

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Network Services Monitoring

How to Do a Ping Test

[dt_gap height=”10″ /] No computer is an island. We connect to so many different servers throughout the day that we don’t even think about it. Until we can’t connect. Or the connection lags so much that you start to consider going offline for a while (gasp!). Maybe you could use

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