Schedule Monitoring On Your Time

Specify time periods to either include or exclude monitoring services.

Customize Monitoring Schedules

A schedule can be set up and applied to multiple items, including:


Applying a schedule to reports excludes specific time periods from calculations, so that time period is not included in reports.

Additionally, if you apply a schedule to a device to exclude a specific time period, that schedule is assigned to the the monitored device’s service level agreement and regular reports.

schedules daily reports
schedules groups


Applying a schedule to a group creates time periods of on-call coverage for specific groups of persons or disables alerts during specific time periods. Dotcom-Monitor allows for multiple schedules within the same account. Once a schedule has been created, it can be assigned to a group.


Applying a schedule to a device pauses monitoring during specific periods, allowing certain time periods to be excluded from monitoring results.

For example, if you have scheduled website maintenance every Sunday between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., you can create a schedule to postpone monitoring during that time period. 

schedules devices

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