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We recognize that our customers rely on our solutions to ensure an exceptional user experience for their customers, helping to maintain a high level of trust and loyalty.  That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that Dotcom-Monitor exceeds your expectations.

Innovating Since 1998

Dotcom-Monitor has been providing monitoring solutions for over 20 years and we're trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world.

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Whether you prefer phone, email, or chat, you can always reach one of our support team members at any time.


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We understand the evolving needs of organizations. With Dotcom-Monitor, you're not locked into any long-term contracts.

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Customer Reviews

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"Initially, I used this product solely for uptime monitoring but it now offers so much more!"
"I liked the simplistic UI a lot. Plus the feature provided in free trial solves most of the load testing and API monitoring issues. The results looked really accurate too."
"I love the ease of usability and the insights it gives our team into our infrastructure on a daily basis."

Case Studies

Business stories from real client’s experience with Dotcom-Monitor.

"We service customers in over 50 countries, across multiple sites and languages. We needed a solution that could monitor our site and alert our IT team instantly in the result of any downtime or performance degradation to our shopping platform. Dotcom-Monitor provides us with assurance that our e-commerce application is up and running, allowing us to transact with our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

"By using a declined credit card, the order will process, thereby confirming my credit card processes are working and I search for specific text stating my credit card has been declined. This simple script will place an order every 15 minutes and check many of my web processes and alert me to the exact failure point! I could go deeper and check cross-sell and other features, but I’ve set this up to focus on processes that have failed more than once in the past. This script is so powerful that I have been able to alert other store owners using the same platform of outages before the platform itself knows! This then gives us power to push for better redundancy (and engineering reaction) because multiple merchants are submitting trouble tickets. This service has also been the catalyst for the web platform to implement its own improved monitoring."

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