How To Monitor Voice Connectivity – Inbound Line & SIP Monitoring

Voice Connectivity is Critical

Voice Connectivity is Critical

Your phone systems have gone down and you are unable to communicate with your customers.  After several hours of troubleshooting you have managed to get the services up again but what do you do now?

Whether you utilize a SIP based VoIP system, digital voice over T1 lines or POTS (plain old telephone service), those voice services need to be available.

There are a number of ways you can monitor your telephone services.  If you manage a calling center or support lines for your customers then inbound connectivity is critical.  If you manage outbound calling centers or sales teams then you need to make sure those calls are connected.

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The Website is Down! – How Proactive DNS Monitoring Can Help

How Often are You Asked “Is the Website Down?”

Such calls can lead to hours of lost time only to find out it was a minor issue for a limited user base.  Do you have the tools in place to proactively detect and deal with such issues?

Sometimes just knowing that you have the tools to quickly diagnose website or DNS problems can go a long way. One organization came to us recently after experiencing an interesting DNS problem.  With dozens of offices in their organization they run IT support out of one central office.  On that particular day they received a call from the accounting department saying that one of their websites were down.

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New Features to Test How DNS Caching Affects Your Website

The new DNS caching features at Dotcom-Monitor allow you to perform some interesting tests that show how DNS caching can affect your page load speed.YouTubeExamplesmall

We realize that many organizations monitor their online services with a number different goals in mind, and so we listened to the feedback we received that some users want to include the DNS response time in their monitoring and some users want to be able to remove DNS response from their monitors.

How you wish to handle DNS response time in regard to your monitoring needs is up to you, but we want to take this opportunity to show the differences in how DNS response time affects website load using our new tools.

We ran a test monitoring YouTube from a single location in the midwest United States with three different DNS cache settings. A basic HTTP full page load on the YouTube front page resulted in some interesting, although not that surprising results.

Keep in mind the results will vary depending upon a number of variables such as which locations you are monitoring from, the time of day, the load on the DNS servers, and on the website servers.

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Four Tips to Beat Single Page Design – Parallax Performance Issues

parallax performance issues

Parallax scrolling websites can become a performance nightmare if not optimized correctly.

Two new website designs have recently grown in popularity as marketers look for clean, concise ways to tell their company’s story. Single page design is—you guessed it—a website that uses one web page to display all of the site’s content. Parallax scrolling has been around in video games for years, but is becoming an increasingly common part of the scrolling feature of a web page. Parallax scrolling uses multiple backgrounds that seem to move at different speeds to create a 3D effect. Oftentimes single page design and Parallax scrolling are used together.

It’s easy to see why people love sites that use these design techniques. They’re compelling and easy to follow. However, because all of the graphics and text are on one page and these sites often use video, they can also be a performance nightmare if not optimized correctly.

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A Tale of Monitoring DNS Blacklists


DNS Blacklist Jail

Have you been hauled off to DNS Blacklist jail without even knowing it?

It’s a Tuesday afternoon in Seattle and George’s finger hovers over the “Launch” button, his flannel shirt and short beard a  reflection on his desktop screen opened to the application that blasts his company’s email. Mouse…click.

Act I: Bowling Scores and Spam

Within seconds thousands of George’s finely-crafted emails are inviting  prospects to a big “spring fling” sales event for his company’s custom coffee filters. A few recipients of George’s email at a loose-tea company a few blocks away decide to report the ‘invite email” as spam. (Last week George’s bowling team beat their bowling team in a tournament and George scored the winning score, 115, in the final frame.)  Its all in good fun, they even send an email care of “One Strike George” telling George what they’re doing.

Click… the spam report is off to their ISP’s email administrator. Laughs and high fives all around. Their phone rings, its George, “Err, not cool,  wish you didn’t do that…”

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