The Top 25 SaaS Affiliate Programs for 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income online. Earn commission by posting an affiliate link and promoting an online service.
  • You can choose to promote everything from email marketing services, ecommerce automation platforms, or load and performance testing programs like our own at LoadView and Dotcom-Monitor. Check out our top picks to get started with your affiliate marketing journey.

If you’re here, it means you might be looking to make some extra money off of your online presence this year. There’s plenty of way to go about this, but affiliate marketing is an obvious choice for those with a digital platform. Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion dollar industry that promises tons of perks that traditional marketing doesn’t. No customer support needed, no inventory or product to think about, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to pad out your bottom line for 2023.

More than 80% of brands use some sort of affiliate marketing. You may have seen a sponsored YouTube video or podcast that provides a custom link that the creator encourages you to click. This is the affiliate link, and it’s how companies track who brings in customers so creators can earn high commissions for their promotion. The SaaS industry is looking to break into affiliate marketing and provides some serious benefits for affiliates who promote online services.

In this article we go over exactly what SaaS affiliate programs are, how they work, how to get started, and our top 25 picks for programs you can apply to and start earning today.

All About SaaS Affiliate Programs

If you still aren’t taking advantage of affiliate programs, now is the perfect time to start. Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money from anywhere, anytime. Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry, and growing every day. So what exactly is an affiliate program, and how can you use them to make the most of your online presence?

An affiliate program works when an affiliate makes money off of marketing another person or company’s service. Affiliates promote the product, typically with the use of an affiliate link, and earn commission when the link is clicked or another person pays for the service.

Becoming an affiliate for an online service is a flexible, and cost effective way to earn passive income online. There are many SaaS startups looking to make use of affiliate marketing as a way to establish credibility. Taking advantage of affiliate marketing is a great way to grow your online presence, and help an up and coming company.

Why Join a SaaS Partner Program?

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a growing industry which boasts some of the biggest rewards when it comes to affiliate marketing. SaaS has many benefits as opposed to becoming an affiliate for physical products. SaaS programs tend to offer higher commissions in the 10-30% range which can yield higher profit margins for you. You don’t need to worry about products going out of stock and affecting your bottom line, since SaaS is a digital service there’s less for you to worry about and more money to be made.

SaaS programs are perfect for SEO with plenty of keywords, and you might consider writing simple comparison blog posts or lists like this to drive traffic to your top-performing programs. You could easily promote your SaaS partners with articles like “LoadView vs. Canva” or “Webflow Alternatives,” or a simple list of your top picks. There are limitless ways to use your affiliate links to make passive income. You’re only restricted by your imagination and ambition. So let’s look at our top 25 programs, starting with our own Dotcom-Monitor and LoadView.

Our Top 25 Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

Below we’ve compiled a list of 25 of the best SaaS affiliate programs to add to your repertoire in 2023. The tools we’re sharing assist with a variety of services from Ecommerce, Email Marketing, SEO, Sales Tools, to marketing and design tools. All of these platforms have easy to join, and easy to use, affiliate programs for you to get started promoting quality programs while making passive income.

Let’s go through our choices for the best SaaS affiliate programs for 2023:

1. Dotcom-Monitor

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Dotcom-Monitor Affiliate Program
Commission: $85 per sale, more payouts after 90 days
Market location: Global

Dotcom-Monitor is a cutting edge, all-in-one cloud based monitoring platform that has provided award-winning services since 1998. Developers and customers alike depend on getting the most accurate information on their websites performance. This is where Dotcom-Monitor comes in to provide a wide variety of services to experience your website, app, or API from a real user’s perspective. Some of the tools Dotcom-Monitor offers include:

  • Web Services Monitoring for programs like SOAP, GET/POST, and SSL Certificates
  • Web Page Monitoring to understand your users browser experience in real time
  • Web Application Monitoring to improve functionality and accessibility
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring

When you join the Dotcom-Monitor affiliate program, you’ll be referring customers to an award winning suite of web monitoring and performance testing services, and you’ll be in good company. Dotcom-Monitor is trusted by businesses like Comcast, Dell, Volvo, Xerox, and other popular and trusted brands. Becoming an affiliate with Dotcom-Monitor comes with numerous benefits including onetime cash payouts of $85 per sale on all Dotcom-Monitor products and services. That’s right, Dotcom-Monitor pays a flat rate per sale, so don’t worry about pushing certain services or packages. After 90 days of paid service you’ll be eligible for a payout on all referral signups.

These are competitive commissions on an easy to promote SaaS program. It’s obvious why Dotcom-Monitor is our number one choice if you’re looking to join a high-paying and proven SaaS affiliate program. It’s as easy as sharing a link and driving traffic to our industry-leading website and web application monitoring service. If you’ve never used an affiliate program before, Dotcom-Monitor is a great place to begin.

2. LoadView

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: LoadView Affiliate Program
Commission: $100 per sale
Market location: Global

LoadView is a cloud-based load testing platform from Dotcom-Monitor. Performance testing is integral to the development and regular maintenance of any website or web application, which makes LoadView useful for just about anyone looking to develop their online platform. With functions like load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing, along with access to 24/7 support, if you want to get your website, app, or API to peak performance, consider LoadView. It requires no prior coding knowledge, making it an excellent choice for a diverse team of developers, designers, and managers. If you are looking to become an affiliate with a high quality SaaS Program, LoadView is an excellent choice.

Once you become an affiliate with LoadView, it’s as easy as recommending the platform as the best real browser performance testing on your site, in your email list, or on your social media. From there, you will receive a commission of $100 per LoadView sale for each referral user who spends a minimum of $150.

The LoadView SaaS affiliate program is a great way to start your affiliate journey. Join a trusted platform with some of the best real browser testing on the market to start meeting your revenue goals today.

3. Shopify

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Shopify Affiliate Program
Commission: $150 per sale
Market location: Global

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that gives independent shops the infrastructure to sell their products without the work of creating their own website. For stores just opening up, Shopify is a great option, and their affiliate program is just as good.

Affiliates typically earn $58 per signup, with a great method of calculating commission. Affiliates get a 200% reward per merchant referred to Shopify. This is twice the price of the monthly plan chosen by the merchant, after the merchant has stuck with Shopify for two months.

This is a small catch for great rewards.

4. Active Campaign

SaaS affiliate programs
Partner program name: Active Campaign Affiliate Program
Commission: 20-30% commission
Market location: US

Active Campaign is a streamlined communication service that allows businesses to connect with customers through email marketing and contact management. Starting at $9 a month Active Campaign offers access to limited email marketing and automation. Costs go up significantly with access to more advanced features, but this means additional commission for the affiliate.

Active Campaign affiliate program offers a base commission of 20% with the possibility of commission up to 30%. Which makes it a safe option for making a profit.

5. Podia

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Podia Affiliate Program
Commission: 30% commission
Market location: US

Podia is a platform that offers online courses, and can help creators make their own course. Podia assists in selling ebooks, Audiobooks, PDFs, webinars, and coaching sessions. Memberships have recurring fees and members receive email updates for their course and Podia’s services.

Podia offers high commissions of 30% every month a referred member stays active. The basic plan for Podia is a base rate of $39 per month. Unlike its main competitor Teachable, there is no transaction fee for users.

6. Iconosquare

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Iconosquare Affiliate Program
Commission: 15% recurring commission
Market location: US

Iconosquare provides analytics, management, and scheduling for brands looking to expand their social media presence. It works for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account management for a well tracked and professional image.

Its base fee is a $49 per month subscription package, and provides a 15% recurring commission for affiliates.

7. Webflow

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Webflow Affiliate Program
Commission: 50% commission for one year
Market location: US

Webflow is a platform that provides a space for designers to create websites, pages, and blogs with no fuss and no code. Webflow is for bloggers and writers, YouTubers, educators, entrepreneurs, influencers and even media networks and news aggregators.

Webflow is a great choice for designers who create their own templates looking to take advantage of affiliate links. When someone wants to use your template, they’ll have to use your affiliate link to access it.

It costs only $12 per month, and offers 50% commission in every user referred for 12 months.

8. ConvertKit

SaaS affiliate programs
Partner program name: ConvertKit Affiliate Program
Commission: 30% recurring commission
Market location: US

ConvertKit is a unique email marketing service that keeps creators in mind. It lets you do everything from creating a basic landing page to broadcasting emails to your list. If you’re a YouTuber, musician, or podcaster, ConvertKit can help you expand your reach and keep in touch with subscribers and fans.

ConvertKit offers a freemium plan up to 1,000 subscribers without a few key features. The paid plan starts at $9 per month and has options all the way up to $2,000 per month with advanced features. Affiliates earn a recurring 30% commission.

9. Elementor

SaaS affiliate programs
Partner program name: Elementor Affiliate Program
Commission: 50% commission
Market location: US

Elementor is built for designers, marketers, and developers who use WordPress. Using drag and drop, Elementor helps users design and edit their websites simply and with low or no code. Elementor provides background images, motion effects, and a wide variety of fonts to customize your website and reflect your brand.

Elementor’s paid plan starts at $49 a year and offers a high commission of 50% to affiliates, making it a lucrative SaaS affiliate program. The program is open to anyone with an online presence.

10. Semrush

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Semrush Affiliate Program
Commission: $200 commission per new sale, $10 per new trial, $0.01 per new signup
Market location: US

Semrush is a successful online performance marketing platform used by major clients like Forbes and Tesla. Their features include social media, keyword research, SEO, and link building services. Many digital markets consider Semrush to be an essential tool in their kit.

Semrush’s services start at $119 a month for small businesses and increase to $1,070 per month for larger clients. Promote award-winning tools used by over 7,000,000 marketers, and earn $200 for each Semrush subscription sale, $10 for new trials, $0.01 for every new sign-up

11. Affilimate

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Affilimate Affiliate Program
Commission: 20% recurring commission
Market location: Global

Affilimate is a SaaS program that helps you store all of your affiliate data in one place. It’s a good idea to take advantage of more than one affiliate program, and Affilimate helps you manage that. Collect and analyze data while running cross reports to help you understand what commission came from what content.

Plans range from $29 to $239 per month. Commissions are generous at around 20%, and if the referred customer buys annually you earn that 20% times ten. That comes out to $478 per referred annual customer up front.

12. SiteGround

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: SiteGround Affiliate Program
Commission: 40 euro – 75 euro per sale, depending on volume
Market location: global, Europe

SiteGround is for web hosting, email hosting, webpage building, website transfers and more. If you’re looking to expand your reach outside of the US, SiteGround is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is popular in the EU. This means their pricing is localized, so if you get an EU customer purchasing for 50 euros per month, that’s an extra $11 on commission. They have a basic monthly fee of $4.99.

SiteGround calculates commissions a little differently. Their payment is structured by the number of sales per month. For the first one to five sales you earn a $50 (or 50 EUR) commission per sale, by the time you get to 21 sales and over you’ll be earning a much higher custom commission.

13. Unbounce

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Unbounce Affiliate Program
Commission: 20% recurring commission
Market location: US

Unbounce is another tool that helps you design beautiful websites with no code required. Unbounce does an excellent job of converting visitors to customers, which works out well for affiliates who earn a 20% recurring commission.

Affiliates earn a 20% lifetime cut for every customer they help discover Unbounce, and Unbounce even offers at dedicated partner coach in addition to a custom tracking dashboard so you can track your referral strategy, URL clicks, and every dollar you earn – all in one place.

Pricing starts at $79 per feature per month, with the choice to pay more for more advanced features.

14. TubeBuddy

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: TubeBuddy Affiliate Program
Commission: 50% recurring commission
Market location: Global

TubeBuddy is a top rated YouTube management and optimization platform. It provides you with numerous tools to publish and promote your YouTube videos with no hassle. They boast that millions of creators and brands are already optimizing their channels to increase views and subscribers using TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy has a paid plan that starts out at $9 per feature per month, and boasts a recurring commission up to 50% for affiliates.

15. Canva

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Canva Affiliate Program
Commission: $36 per sale for pro plan
Market location: Global

Canva is a very popular online platform that provides a wide range of design layouts and templates for designers, marketers, and all other users to pick from. Canva offers high quality visual design and is available in over 100 languages, making it a great SaaS affiliate program for those looking to expand international reach.

Canva offers a free version and a premium version for $12.99 per month. With every premium customer you refer, Canva pays a commission of $36, with both regular and flexible payment options.

16. Privy

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Privy Affiliate Program
Commission: 10% recurring commission per sale for paid plan
Market location: US

Privy provides a SaaS program focused around email marketing with a focus on serving ecommerce. If you need help with product recommendations, follow up emails, or help building a mailing list, Privy might be what you need. Privy boasts it is the number one reviewed sales app on Shopify, with over 18,000 5-star reviews. Privy customers made more than $93 million in total revenue in 2021.

As an Affiliate you can expect to make a recurring 10% commission when customers sign up for the paid plan for $15 a month.

17. LiveAgent

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: LiveAgent Affiliate Program
Commission: $5 sign on bonus plus 20% recurring commission
Market location: Global

LiveAgent is a help desk software rated the number one live chat software for SMB this year. Featuring some seriously fast chat widgets, real time live chat, and a built in call center, LiveAgent is an easy to use and efficient customer service portal.

In summary, LiveAgent is a help desk software that supports multiple channels including Email, Calls, Knowledgebase, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Live Chat, and more. LiveAgent suits industries that benefit from efficiently handling customer inquiries from a single. The basic plan is available for $15 per month per agent.

Just for signing up you’ll earn a $5 sign on bonus, after that commission sits at 20% recurring.


SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Affiliate Program
Commission: 20% recurring commission
Market location: Global is an IPAAS platform that helps you connect and manage your cloud applications. No need to get caught up with spreadsheets and repetitive tasks, is here to help you automate these so you can do the business that matters.

They offer a free option for businesses along with a $9.99 basic monthly plan. Affiliates can expect to earn a recurring commission of 20% per successfully referred customer.

19. Binance

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Binance Affiliate Program
Commission: up to 50% recurring commission
Market location: Global

Binance is a popular trading platform for cryptocurrencies. It’s convenient, able to be used across devices, and generally considered very safe for investors.

Users who sign up for a Binance account with a unique referral link are automatically attributed as a successful referral. Affiliates will receive commission on every trade – across Binance Spot, Futures, Margin trading, and even Binance Pool, with no maximum cap or time limits – all through a single referral link. You can earn up to 50% commission when you become an affiliate marketer for Binance.

20. 1password

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: 1Password Affiliate Program
Commission: 25% on first payment, $2 after
Market location: Global

1Password is exactly what it sounds like, a password management system designed to store passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive information. It features data breach alerts and unlimited password storage, ensuring it’s a safe and convenient platform. If you just want to protect personal passwords and information you can sign up at just $2.99 per month.

Affiliates are paid to promote the world’s most-loved password manager, with the added benefit of making the Internet a safer place for everyone. Receive $2 for each signup and 25% of the first year or month’s payment, with a $2 minimum.


SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Affiliate Program
Commission: 30% Recurring commission
Market location: Global is a sales engagement platform run on AI that helps teams get more meetings. By automating multiple sales points can help you streamline your sales process, creating new opportunities at scale while keeping touchpoints personal

With a monthly subscription minimum of $70 per user, offers recurring commission of 30%. Simply register as an affiliate and share your custom link with your audience in those places where it’s most effective: social, forums, blogs, and your website, and track your success with their helpful dashboard.

22. Close

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Close Affiliate Program
Commission: 10% recurring commission
Market location: Global

Close is a CRM program that helps you track email marketing campaigns, contact information and more. Close hopes to help turn leads into paying customers. It’s a bit more expensive than its popular alternative Pipedrive, but offers more features to those who have a bit more experience building a business.

The basic version of Close starts at $25 per month per user. A team of four would pay $100 per month, making your commission total out to be $120 for a single referral, plus 10% recurring commission if the customer sticks around.

23. Pipedrive

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Pipedrive Affiliate Program
Commission: 33% commission for first year
Market location: Global

Pipedrive is another popular CRM tool, and a popular alternative to Close. Pipedrive helps you track emails, calls, contact information and more to assist in sales activities. Users can get started for $15 a month, with a recurring commission of 33% for only the first 12 months.

Pipedrive cuts off commissions after the first year. However there are no sign-up fees or minimum sales requirements and no caps on your earnings. They’ve designed their affiliate program for industry influencers, independent consultants, website publishers, VCs and incubators, trade groups and associations and any business interested in earning commissions on referrals.

24. FreshBooks

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: FreshBooks Affiliate Program
Commission: up to $200 per paid subscriber referred
Market location: US

FreshBooks is a user-friendly SaaS accounting platform that automates all of the details you don’t want to deal with. Everything from invoicing, payment collection, expenses, and time tracking can be managed with FreshBooks. It’s another strong choice for those looking to extend their audiences outside of the US, but it is most popular with US based businesses. Freelancers and large companies alike can take advantage of FreshBooks’ services.

The lite pricing plan starts at $15 a month. FreshBooks offers $10 for every free trial download and up to $200 for every paid subscriber you refer as an affiliate.

25. Adobe Creative

SaaS affiliate programsPartner program name: Adobe Creative Affiliate Program
Commission: 85% commission in first month, 8.33% commission yearly
Market location: US

Adobe Creative is home to popular design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. These tools are some of the most popular online, making designing graphics, editing photos, and sharing them across platforms easy and convenient. Affiliates receive all sorts of benefits along with money including access to exclusive promos and up to date info on product releases.

Affiliates receive 85% commission on the first month of use from a referred customer, and 8.33% commission yearly. For adobe stock, this is a base payment of $72 on monthly subscriptions and 8.33% on yearly packages.

Join a SaaS Partner Affiliate Program Today

With such a diverse range of programs to choose from, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get started with affiliate marketing today. Whatever your needs and specialties are, there is a SaaS partner program for you. Affiliate programs are a fantastic way to pad out your online marketing, and bring in money just for representing a service you believe in. It’s as simple as sharing a link to your user base to bring in extra cash. If you haven’t taken advantage of Affiliate marketing yet, now is the perfect time to start.

The SaaS industry is growing daily, so why not get in on the ground floor? SaaS offers numerous benefits for affiliates that ecommerce or physical products can’t match. Built in automation, no physical supply to worry about, and a plethora of options makes SaaS a strong choice for potential affiliates. SaaS programs also offer some of the most lucrative commissions, everything from onetime $100 payouts to 85% commission, you’re sure to make a profit with any one of the programs we listed above.

Any of these affiliate programs can help you pad out your bottom line, but our top choices of LoadView and Dotcom-Monitor are some of the safest, and most reputable services to promote. With cash payouts, you can guarantee you’ll get your fair share of commission, not to mention the quality of the service you’d be promoting. Award winning service, real browser testing, and 24/7 support are just a few of the benefits Dotcom-Monitor and Loadview claim that make them a reputable brand to add to your affiliate network.

We hope with this information you can make the most of your online presence and start affiliate marketing as soon as possible. With all the possibilities for growth online in 2023 and beyond, start off with something as simple as posting a custom link to earn high commissions on quality service. There’s a service in this list for everyone, so don’t wait – apply for a SaaS affiliate program today and start earning revenue just by sharing links to great online services.

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