Bluehost Fastest Web Hosting Website in Test of Best Web Hosting Sites

Who has the Fastest Web Hosting Website?

Put to the test by Dotcom-Monitor, Bluehost ranks as the fastest web hosting website, beating the other top 10 web hosting company websites for speed across three continents, followed closely by InMotion and GoDaddy.  Dreamhost was the slowest of the pack globally.  Across a set of four different metrics, the Bluehost website proved superior, with GoDaddy scoring close behind in each metric.

Today Dotcom-Monitor is revealing the results of the web hosting company website contest. The results of a week’s worth of monitoring the 10 most influential web hosting companies’ sites for uptime and performance are in!

How We Monitor the Websites

To check the sites, we used two Dotcom-Monitor platforms: ServerView Monitoring and BrowserView Monitoring. ServerView analyzes how fast servers respond and how quickly data is sent to a client. BrowserView reports how quickly websites resources are delivered to a user and how quickly they get rendered in a browser. The sites were monitored from the US, Europe and Asia.

As you see, almost all the sites proved great results when monitored from Minnesota, USA:

  •  [FatCow]
  •  [Bluehost]
  •  [GoDaddy]
  •  [WebHostingPad]
  •  [HostGator]
  •  [InMotion Hosting]
  •  [AT&T Website Solutions]

However, when the monitoring stats from all the continents are considered only 2 sites showed exceptional results:

Fastest Web Hosting | Top Web Hosting Sites

Comment: the shorter the bar, the better.

The overall response statistics depict short-time performance problems:

(click the pictures to enlarge)

Fastest Web Hosting | Website Performance Statistics

As it turned out, some web hosts are just not accessible from China:
Fastest Web Hosting | HostGator Review

We also noticed that GoDaddy experienced troubles with DNS servers when the site was monitored from within China:

Fastest Web Hosting | GoDaddy DNS Issues

Dotcom-Monitor’s Recommendation

When looking at web hosting companies you need to consider their ability to provide website availability and performance not only for US customers, but for worldwide users as well.

Bluehost found to be Fastest Web Hosting Website

The winner of this week’s contest? The stats speak for themselves by supporting BlueHost.

Update: As the hosting landscape evolves in 2016 and beyond, it seems Bluehost’s main competitor is HostGator, despite being owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). See the Dotcom-Monitor data driven analysis of Bluehost vs Hostgator, and consider signing up for our free trial to begin conducting your own web hosting speed tests. Gain detailed insight into your site’s performance to better optimize and fix problems fast – no credit card, no obligation. Get started today!

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