Network Monitoring

Monitor Uptime of Network Services, Servers & Websites.

Monitor your network in real-time and drill down into network data level-by-level. Historic reporting allows you to retrospectively analyze environmental changes or analyze traffic fluctuations by time. 

Verify Uptime
& Performance

Monitor Networks, Network Devices,
Servers & Web Services
websites and servers

Websites & Web Servers

Check URL availability, broken links, GET and POST requests, form requests, site certificates, timeout thresholds and more. Verify your site & servers are up and running 24/7.Read More »
mail server monitoring

Mail Servers

Verify functionality, availability and performance of SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and ActiveSync Exchange mail servers. Supports independent or full-cycle (send/retrieve) testing.Read More »
port monitoring

Port Connectivity

Test port-specific connectivity via TCP or UDP protocols. Continually monitor to ensure remote computers are accepting port connections. Receive alerts any time a connection is refused.Read More »
web services monitoring

Web Services (SOAP)

Ensure web services are available to your end-users using SOAP. SOAP will replicate one or more end-client requests and monitor web service availability and proper content.Read More »

Identify Root Cause of
Downtime & Network Performance Issues

Real-time status and alerts for any device or service.

monitor server uptime

ServerView Monitoring™ is more than a uptime / downtime check. It logs your issues and helps you determine where they originate.

Instant alerts and detailed reports provide you with proactive, actionable information. These insights help identify ways to prevent similar issues from reoccurring.


ICMP Ping Tool

Ensure the integrity of routers, firewalls, and many other internet appliances by sending an ICMP echo request.Read More »


Easily visualize where network problems originate with powerful, accurate network monitoring.Read More »


Our network monitoring agents can test UDP server availability
by sending packets to a specified port and receiving a response.Read More »
port monitor

TCP Port / Telnet

Easily check Internet services using external monitoring agents from all over the world.Read More »
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