Monitor Website Speed and Performance

Monitor Website Speed in IE, Chrome and Firefox

Slow web pages frustrate customers. Consistent delivery of your pages at peak speed is critical to customer satisfaction and repeat visits. Website speed monitoring continually checks web page load times in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox from multiple points around the world.

When a page or specific elements on a page fail to perform as you expect, we’ll alert you and provide diagnostics that help pinpoint the cause and let you react quickly when website performance is compromised.

Website Speed Monitoring Charts
  • Instant Performance Alerts
  • Waterfall Charts
  • Trend Analysis
  • Detailed Diagnostics
  • “End User” Analysis

Website Speed Monitoring Measured in the Latest Browsers

A website speed monitoring task uses a real desktop or mobile browser to monitor your website with. Each agent collects accurate “end user” analytics of page speed and performance.

Desktop browsers supported include Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  Mobile website speed monitoring supports mobile Safair webkits for iPad and iPhone and mobile Chrome webkits for popular Android devices.

When a website speed monitoring task detects an issue, a traceroute is performed and a screen capture and code snippet are saved for your review. These diagnostics enable you to quickly identify whether the root cause of the issue is application, server or network related. Longer term trend analysis can help you identify common bottlenecks or consistent but intermittent problems.

Monitor Website Speed from these Browsers
  • Chrome
  • Website Speed in Firefox Browser
  • Website Speed in IE Browser
    Internet Explorer
  • Website Speed in Safari Mobile
    Safari Mobile
  • Website Speed in Android Mobile
    Android Mobile

Website Speed and Performance Reporting

Waterfall Drilldowns, Element-Level Trend Charts, Performance by Host & More

Quickly discover the root cause of downtime and performance issues.  Our actionable performance data gives you a clear view of your page load times and performance at the element level.

Download a sample 19 page PDF version of our website speed monitoring report and see the data for yourself.