Dotcom-Monitor Launches a Free Browser-Based Website Performance Test

Dotcom-Monitor Launches BrowserView Website Performance Test, a Free Browser-Based Website Performance Test with the Most Comprehensive Worldwide Network.

Wayzata, Minnesota – Mar. 22, 2011 –  Dotcom-Monitor today announced the immediate availability a browser-based instant online full-page test tool – BrowserView Website Performance Test – for measuring the performance of Web 2.0 websites from 19 worldwide monitoring locations. Test your website for free, here:

Free Website Performance Test

 BrowserView Website Performance Test is a free online test that uses Dotcom-Monitor’s browser-based BrowserView Monitoring™ platform. The test produces a detailed waterfall chart – from each of the 19 worldwide locations – that displays the time it takes to render individual webpage objects, including dynamic Web 2.0 page elements (such as Ajax, Flash, etc..). BrowserView Website Performance Test has the most comprehensive worldwide network of monitoring locations currently available.

“BrowserView Website Performance Test is an absolutely free service that provides extremely useful information about website speed and performance at the webpage object level” said Vadim Mazo, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Dotcom-Monitor, “It will help website administrator’s understand areas where they can improve their website’s performance from the perspective of user’s coming to their website from all over the world.”

BrowserView Website Performance Test is the only free browser-based tool that provides such a comprehensive user’s view of website’s performance. To try it go here.

Dotcom-Monitor’s flagship platform, UserView Monitoring™, is used to monitor online transactions and web applications services on an ongoing basis – as fast as once per minute. It uses a regular browser acting like a visitor to the website to test performance, including: clicking on links, filling out forms, hovering over page elements, and submitting data.

When a problem is detected, the notification feature sends alerts via phone, pager, email, or SMS. Additionally, detailed reports and real-time status reports are available via a Live Dashboard interface with in-depth analysis of “every step” in the user experience to help pinpoint where the error condition is occurring. This user experience monitoring helps to ensure website performance, uptime, and online revenues.

“UserView Monitoring™ is a powerful and affordable solution for quickly resolving user experience issues that affect uptime performance and online revenues,” noted Mazo. Dotcom-Monitor UserView Monitoring™ is available immediately at

BrowserView Website Performance Test puts the power of this type of user experience monitoring in the hands of anyone who wants to improve their website. To test a website for yourself, visit

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