SIP Monitoring for VoIP Systems – Uptime and Performance

Easy-to-Use, Cost-Effective External Service Monitors and Analyzes SIP Systems or Infrastructure for Uptime and Performance

SIP Monitoring for VOIPMinneapolis, Minn. − March 18, 2009 − Dotcom-Monitor, (, a leading provider of  externally-hosted network monitoring services, today announced the addition of a cost-saving SIP monitoring service to the company’s unified suite of monitoring capabilities. Today’s announcement adds another critical tool to Dotcom-Monitor’s portfolio of external monitoring services, which includes uptime and performance monitoring of websites, web applications, and Internet network infrastructure.

SIP Monitoring for VoIP Systems

Dotcom-Monitor’s new SIP monitoring service makes live periodic SIP-based calls to VoIP devices, providing real-time monitoring, alerts, and performance reports regarding SIP component connectivity. When a problem is detected, the SIP monitoring notification feature sends an alert via phone, pager, email, or SMS. Additionally, real-time connectivity status reports are provided via an intuitive online Dashboard interface offering sufficient detail to help pinpoint where the error condition is occurring. This reporting functionality also includes detailed historical reports and charts for managing VoIP systems and components, including Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance issues.

“Due to SLA requirements and hybrid VoIP traffic routes, it is important for VoIP monitoring to proactively mimic the end-user’s perspective from external locations, rather than only relying on passive internal network analysis systems,” said Vadim Mazo, founder and chief technical officer of Dotcom-Monitor. “Many organizations’ VoIP monitoring and uptime needs are best addressed by a simple, cost-effective external system, rather than a large, expensive in-house system. Dotcom-Monitor’s SIP monitoring service provides customers a unique, easy-to-use, targeted solution for quickly identifying and pinpointing VoIP connectivity error conditions,” noted Mazo.

The new SIP monitoring service can be configured and managed with little or no IT expertise, which is ideal for the growing number of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with on-premise or hosted IP-PBXs. Its proactive monitoring ensures connectivity errors can be addressed before the errors become downtime problems for customers. Dotcom-Monitor’s SIP monitoring service ensures SMBs can rely on their VoIP systems, Service Providers can monitor their VoIP infrastructure, VoIP Wholesalers can monitor Service Provider connectivity and reliability, and VoIP VARs and managed service providers can count on client uptime and revenue.

“As the VoIP ecosystem continues to grow in scope and complexity the need for simple and affordable SIP monitoring has never been greater,” said Jonathan Fuld, CTO of SIP Print, the only provider of pure, affordable SIP call recording systems for SMBs. “In fact, SMBS and all other quality-conscious organizations that are dependent on SIP-based communications could benefit by investigating an externally hosted SIP monitoring provider like Dotcom-Monitor.”

Dotcom-Monitor’s SIP Monitoring is available immediately by visiting: For more information, please call 1-888-479-0741 or email


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