Dotcom-Monitor: Addressing the Website Speed issue with…Speed.

Velocity Conference – Web Performance Monitoring 2013 – Addressing the website speed issue with… Speed.

Stop by and see Dotcom-Monitor, Booth 512, at Velocity Conference – the web performance and operations symposium, June 25-27, 2012, in Santa Clara, CA. While at Velocity Conference 2012, Dotcom-Monitor is providing expert feedback on website performance and conducting live worldwide website performance tests. Dotcom-Monitor will also be demonstrating its exclusive Picture Match monitoring technology, which quickly automates the most complex monitoring scripts using its proprietary EveryStep Recorder tool.

The ability to quickly set-up effective monitoring is important for the same reason a fast website is important to website users – basically, goal-oriented people value their time. With that in mind, the EveryStep Recorder tool provides the fastest automation of complex website scripting of website monitoring available.

There are several reasons that the speed of monitoring set-up is increasingly important.

  1. The complexity of website technology is increasing and IT professional need to quickly change and adapt their monitoring as needed. They don’t have weeks or days to wait for a monitoring company’s remote dev team to turn-around a manual script build.  As several forms of basic monitoring services have become increasingly commoditized (HTTP, etc..) monitoring “usability” in the form of flexibility and speed-of-use has risen as a  factor demanded by organizations that use monitoring.
  2. The increasing use of complex browser object technology on websites is driving a need for monitoring services that can quickly and affordably monitor rich internet application web environments in a single same-day user-driven set-up session.
  3. Website designers are increasingly using complex rich internet application (RIA) technologies, and third-party hosted applications are also using increasingly complex technologies. For example, based on info provided by, which indexes website format usage, the prevalence of HTML5 in the top 10,000 websites has risen from 5.80% in May of 2011 to 18.54% in May of 2012 – a 300% increase in one year. (Source:, June 13, 2012, )

It is key for web performance monitoring companies to keep pace as organizations make changes to their web environments at a quicker pace,  shift to complex web applications technologies, and the technologies used by third-party hosted applications become increasingly complex. The EveryStep Recorder is designed to ensure Dotcom-Monitor is not only delivering world-class web performance monitoring, but also ensure that it addressing these changes while meeting the convenience and automation needs of busy IT departments.

Watch EveryStep Macro Recorder In Action

Record Every Step of a Transaction For Playback Using The Every Step Macro Recorder

The EveryStep™ Macro Recorder by Dotcom-Monitor provides a quick and easy way to set up monitoring of web applications and web transactions. EveryStep recorder is a Windows-based application similar to Internet Explorer that records each event that happens during an interaction on your web site. Learn more here.

At Velocity Conference 2012 Dotcom-Monitor launched UserView Monitoring, the world’s fastest scripting tool for automating web performance monitoring of web apps with dynamic page content. Read the full story here.

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