Awesome Geek Tattoos – 40 of the Best Nerd Tattoos Ever!

Who among us isn’t passionate about technology, gaming or other activities often considered “geeky”? In all honesty, we at Dotcom-Monitor consider ourselves on the cutting edge of geekiness, but none among us have yet to go to the extreme of inscribing our nerditude into our flesh… yet.

Other geeks aren’t so shy about their love for tech companies, products and games. Here are a few geeks who have gone the extra mile to demonstrate their love to the world around them.

40 Geektastic Tattoos that We Wish We Had the Courage to Get

BlackBerry Tattoo

If things don’t turn around for Research in Motion soon, this BlackBerry lover may regret his choice of geek tattoo in the near future. Still, taking such a stand against the giant that is Apple may be seen as commendable in some circles.

Android Tattoo

This Android user isn’t afraid to flaunt his love for the operating system.

Apple Rose Tattoo

Is an apple, by any other name, not still an apple? Does it not smell just as sweet?

Tux Eating an Apple Windows Tattoo

Tux the penguin, eating an apple, sitting in a Windows colored window. Which operating system do you think is this tattoo lover’s favorite?

Apple Rainbow Tattoo

Straightforward and to the point. This tattoo wearing geek loves all things apple, and primary colors.

Wi-Fi Tech Tattoo

For the Wi-Fi lover in you…..

Tech Power Button Tattoo

Looks like someone pushed his power button a bit too hard. That hurts, nerds, that hurts.

Binary Code Tattoo

Literal “Geek” tattoo: 01100111011001010110010101101011. (decode here)

Apple Eating Windows Tattoo

This apple’s tired of being eaten. He’s taking a bite out of the competition.

Shoulder Chip Tattoo

I’ve heard of having a chip on your shoulder, but I didn’t think this is what they meant. Wonder what’s in the rest of him…

Barcode Computer Ports

I doubt this guy ever has problems connecting his peripheral…..

Press Any Key Tattoo

Press any key if you think this guy is a true nerd.

Hourglass and Cursor Computer Tattoo

This comment is loading……..

Pacman Knucks Tattoo

How many quarters will it take to get PacMan across all of those knuckles?

Geek Squad Tattoo

I bet this guy knows how to connect a BluRay player to a 3D television…..

Google Tattoo

Google “geek tattoos” and I bet this is ranked pretty highly.

USB Tattoo

USB 2.0?

Ctrl Alt Del Tattoo

He’s made a few missteps in his day…..

Calculator Nerd Tattoo

How sweet would this be if it really worked?

Power Neck Tattoo

I bet she has an unfortunate number of men try to turn her on…..

Computer Volume Tattoo

Turn it up, we can’t hear you……

QR Code Web Tattoo

QR you kidding me? Wonder where this link goes…..

Han Shot First Tattoo

Yes, yes he did.

Star Trek Tattoos

Live long and prosper…..

R2D2 Star Wars Tattoo

Beep boop beep. Wheeeeeeewwwwwww……

Microchip Nerd Tattoo

Ah, the almighty microchip. Wonder what they’ll do when they want to upgrade their processing speed?

Adobe Tattoo

Speaking of updates… bet there’s one available for this tech tattoo….

Mario Luigi Tattoo

Wonder what kind of mushrooms this guy was on when he got this. Whatever they were, I bet this hurt…..

Floppy Disk Tech Tattoo

Some things just never go out of style….

Gollum Tattoo

Stupid Baginsesssss…….

Wordpress Geek Tattoo

I don’t know about you, but I want to read this guy’s blog.

Portal Tattoo

The cake may have been a lie, but this tattoo is no joke.

Video Game Controls Tattoo

My, how things have changed.

Futurama Tattoo

Bet you’ve never pondered the philosophical conundrum of who would triumph in a fight between Bender and Dr. Zoidberg…

Mario Tattoo

Itsa Mario! Immmaa gonna win!

Geek Tattoos

Glad they got this code right…..

Connect the Dots Tattoo

Connect the dots, La la la la. Connect the dots…..

Lorem Ipsum Tattoo

Dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua….

Sheldon Tattoo


Windows NT Tattoo

Subtle, and refined. This Windows NT loving nerd takes tribal bands to a whole new level.

Geek gets Nerdy Tatoo
Do you have any geek tattoos that you are proud of?
Did we miss any nerd tattoos that you feel should have been included?

Tag us on social with a link to your ink & we’ll consider adding it to this post!

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