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Dotcom-Monitor has released a suite of free website testing tools at

The Dotcom-Monitor website testing tools allow you to perform a variety of tests on the performance of your own servers from external locations around the world.

Perform Free Website Tests

Some of the Tests you can perform include:

Testing Tools to Diagnose Website Issues

In addition to the free website tests, there are tools that are helpful with troubleshooting website issues such as connectivity, page load speed and other performance related issues.

Website Test Results

Each of the free website testing tools provides a number of reports including:

  • A waterfall chart displaying load metrics for individual elements on a page
  • Load speeds from each of the 22 monitoring locations around the world
  • A Screenshot of how the actual site renders in the selected browser
  • A list of average load times and number of errors encounters as well as error codes

Synthetic Testing

Dotcom-Monitor uses a synthetic monitoring or synthetic testing platform.  What this means is that the services utilize automated programs that are queued up and run automatically on the global monitoring network.

The benefit of using synthetic monitoring services is that there is no need for human interaction.  Once you queue up a test, it is automatically performed from every monitoring location selected, and the results are automatically generated and either displayed on a real-time web page or emailed to the end user upon completion of the test.  If the test is setup to continuously monitor a server on a scheduled frequency, there is no need for a person to pay attention to it unless the test returns an error, at which time the end user will receive an alert.

Try the free website testing tools today ( to gather benchmarks on your website performance or to help troubleshoot website performance issues.  For more detailed results including the ability to monitor multiple sites over time, setup advanced alerts when issues are noticed, and generate historical performance charts, sign up for a free, no obligation trial of the full Dotcom-Monitor platform, no credit card required.

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