In the Online report detail, when I  expand an individual monitoring session to view granular details of the steps, why are we seeing errors but the overall monitoring task is succeeding?

There are a number of cases where an individual element or call to a server being monitored will result in a flagged or error response.  Such responses are typically noted by a red exclamation mark and the text may be slightly grayed out.

  1.  One cause of this type of flagged event could be that the website being monitored requires basic authentication.  In this case, the first request for a URL would be flagged as an error because the server returns a 401 response letting the browser know that basic authentication is required.  The next request is then sent from the monitor including the basic authentication credentials, which returns a successful response, so technically, the task completed successfully.
  2. Another possible cause could be that the requested element was already loaded from a previous request in the monitoring script, and once this is realized the request is canceled, but again, the task as a whole completed successfully.
  3. For additional insight into such anomalies, feel free to contact support by opening a support ticket.