There are many different errors that can occur while a website is still partially or fully accessible.  Some of the most common errors that can occur while your website still appears to be available include:

  • A Timeout has been exceeded

If the error specifies that a timeout has occurred, edit the monitoring task details and look for a Maximum Timeout value.  If you are getting many timeout errors you may want to consider increasing the max timeout value or removing it altogether.  Alternatively, you can perform updates to your site to improve load speed or host individual elements at a content distribution network (CDN).  If you have not specified a Maximum Timeout value, then the default timeout for a task is 120 seconds.

  • Text or images that are being validated are not found

If the task includes validating a particular keyword or image is found on the page, the rest of the content might still load properly while the expected element is missing.

  • Elements on the page are loading slowly, causing the script to fail

Some validation may fail if the task looks for an element before the element has completely loaded. If the task is a UserView script, you may need to add a time delay before validating this particular element.

  • DNS resolution may be failing for a subset of DNS servers

Sometimes, due to various networking issues across the internet or local service providers, one of the specified or top-level DNS servers may be unable to fully qualify the DNS resolution to your site.  In this case, most browsers continue to query the next available DNS server and complete the resolution, but depending on how your monitoring is set up, you may still receive alerts. For more information on How to Troubleshoot DNS Errors, visit our knowledge base article here.