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monitoring tutorial
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Monitoring Solution Overview

Learn how to configure web monitoring, set up the alerting system, and interpret results with Dotcom-Monitor.

monitoring platforms
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Monitoring Platforms Overview

A high-level overview of the various platforms and their use cases within the Dotcom-Monitor suite of tools.

Alert Template Options
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Alerts Configuration

Learn how to configure Alerts for your monitoring devices, Alert Templates, Schedules, and Notification Groups within Dotcom-Monitor.

online report
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Online Performance Report

A quick tutorial on pulling and understanding online performance reports for web monitoring.

dashboard overview
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Performance Dashboard

A quick tutorial on our online performance dashboard.

E-commerce App Monitoring
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E-commerce App Monitoring

A quick guide on using the EveryStep Scripting Tool to monitor e-commerce application functionality such as a shopping cart transaction on Amazon.

web page monitoring
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Web Page Monitoring

Learn how to configure web page monitoring to ensure your web pages are loading and performing correctly.

Network Latency
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Network Latency

A quick video tutorial on network latency monitoring with Dotcom-Monitor.

Traceroute Monitoring
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Traceroute Monitoring

A quick video tutorial on traceroute monitoring with the Dotcom-Monitor traceroute tool.

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DNS Hijacking

A quick video guide on DNS addresses monitoring and alerting setup.

DNS Blacklist Monitoring
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DNS Blacklist Monitoring

Learn how to set up DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) monitoring for your email servers.

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SSL Certificates Expiration

Learn how to set up monitoring to get notified before your SSL Certificates expire!

Performance Counter Monitoring
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Windows Performance Counter Monitoring

Learn how to monitor Windows performance trends with Performance Counter Monitoring.

Monitoring Login Functionality
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Monitoring Login Functionality

A quick guide on using the EveryStep Scripting Tool to monitor login functionality.

SLA Monitoring
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SLA Monitoring

Learn how to use SLA Reports to track a service provider's adherence to SLA requirements.

Web Performance from China
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Web Performance from China

Learn how to set up a monitoring device to monitor from behind the Great Firewall of China.

private agent
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Private Agent Installation

Learn how to install and use remote agents (aka Private Agents) for web monitoring behind a firewall.