DNS Monitoring:
Assuring Uninterrupted Service Through Immediate Outage Detection

Monitor your DNS, immediately detect server downtime, performance issues, and unexpected changes to DNS records.

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Trusted by over 20,000 IT and engineering professionals

Trusted by over 20,000 IT and engineering professionals worldwide

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Monitor DNS Globally

Operate with confidence as Dotcom-Monitor’s global network of DNS monitoring locations allows you to analyze DNS performance and resolution from critical geographic regions. Our DNS monitoring service helps guarantee your DNS servers respond quickly and accurately to users around the globe.

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DNS Monitoring: Performance Metrics Tracking

Our DNS monitoring service tracks vital performance metrics, including response time, query success rate, and DNS record resolution accuracy. This empowers you to immediately identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring continuous DNS availability and QoS for your users.

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Instant Alerting and Notifications

Stay a step ahead of potential problems with Dotcom-Monitor’s DNS monitoring. Our robust alerting system notifies you via email, SMS, or your preferred communication channel (Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, Splunk, ServiceNow, AlertOps, and more) whenever performance thresholds are breached or when outages occur. Stay proactive and address DNS issues before they impact your users.

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Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Leverage our in-depth reporting and analytics to gain insights into your DNS infrastructure’s performance over time. Use this data to identify trends, troubleshoot issues, and optimize your DNS configuration, resulting in an overall enhanced user experience.

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Multi-Protocol Support

Dotcom-Monitor’s DNS monitoring accommodates various DNS query types (such as A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, etc.) and transport protocols (like UDP and TCP). This offers comprehensive coverage of your DNS infrastructure, ensuring unmatched DNS performance.

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Ensure Peak Network Performance with Dotcom-Monitor's DNS Monitoring

Dotcom-Monitor’s robust DNS Monitoring service examines the full DNS propagation chain, providing an accurate snapshot of your DNS infrastructure’s health in real-time. Go beyond DNS server availability with a deep dive into the complete process of DNS resolution, starting from the root servers down to the final DNS server.

Our DNS Monitoring service identifies and tracks each query and its subsequent redirection, effectively monitoring the entire path of DNS resolution. In the event of a failure or delay in the resolution process, our system is designed to instantly pinpoint the problem’s origin and immediately alert your IT team of the issue. This comprehensive approach to DNS monitoring facilitates prompt identification of issues, enabling swift troubleshooting and resolution, reducing MTTR.

Our objective is to ensure your DNS infrastructure maintains uninterrupted functionality and peak performance. By carefully monitoring each stage of the DNS resolution process, Dotcom-Monitor offers the vital insights needed for maintaining robust network performance and reliability, ensuring the stability of your online presence.

DNSSEC Monitoring

Secure your DNS infrastructure with Dotcom-Monitor’s DNSSEC monitoring. Validate the chain of trust in the DNSSEC hierarchy, from the root zone down to the child zone, through our DNSSEC monitoring test. This validation check verifies each level of the trust tree, ensuring proper authentication and integrity of DNS data. Dive deep into the analysis of how DNSSEC requests progress through the trust tree, facilitating the identification of potential issues ensuring the secure and accurate functioning of your DNSSEC implementation.

SOA Monitoring

Maintain synchronization and identify replication issues within your DNS infrastructure by monitoring DNS SOA records. Our DNS monitoring service helps detect inconsistencies and misconfigurations by tracking serial numbers and time-related parameters across multiple DNS servers, ensuring seamless replication across your entire DNS infrastructure.

DNS Blacklist Monitoring

Safeguard your brand and domain reputation and maintain seamless email delivery with our DNS blacklist monitoring service. Dotcom-Monitor continuously monitors blacklists to ensure your domain and IP address remain unlisted, immediately identifying potential issues so you can take corrective actions. This proactive approach maintains the integrity of your online presence and prevents potential communication disruptions.

Ensure Perfect DNS Resolution with DNS Monitoring

Experience Dotcom-Monitor’s DNS Monitoring today and take a proactive step towards unparalleled uptime, superior performance, and robust security.

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Free DNS Monitoring Tools - Why They Aren't Worth the Trouble

DNS monitoring is an essential part of any serious performance and uptime monitoring approach. Slow DNS resolution can result in poor website performance and lead to higher bounce rates, affecting your bottom line and giving your users a bad impression of your website. Free DNS monitoring tools are, without exception, limited in the features they provide and will only give the appearance of monitoring.

Your enterprise and mission-critical websites deserve the best DNS monitoring available. At Dotcom-Monitor, our DNS monitoring solution tests DNS resolution by directly querying specified servers or propagating Internet root servers to resolve a specific Internet address from multiple points around the world. If and when an error occurs, you’ll receive notifications via email and/or SMS based on your preferences and will always have access to performance reports related to DNS server performance, showing global resolutions speeds. Free simply cannot compete.

DNS Performance Monitoring Can Improve Your Business 

Performance and uptime are critical to your business’ success online, and infrastructure monitoring an essential part of this. You and your team can develop and launch the fastest and best websites in the world, but if DNS issues arise, performance can degrade and ultimately affect your users’ experience of your site. It’s well known that milliseconds matter to users, and bounce rates increase with every passing second users are forced to wait for pages to load.

You can get ahead of this and offer your users the very best experience of your websites through professional DNS performance monitoring with Dotcom-Monitor. Our platform allows you to monitor nine essential DNS record types, ranging from A to MX to TXT records. You’ll have access to reports about ongoing performance and will be notified if and when an issue arises, so you can your team can take prompt action to resolve issues, maximize uptime, and perfect performance for your mission-critical websites. Your business, and your users, deserve nothing else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domain name servers (DNS) are used to translate domain names to IP addresses. If the DNS server that supports your organization is down, multiple services, such as mail servers, web sites, or proxy servers may be unavailable to the outside world.

DNS monitoring provides consistent connectivity to your websites and servers, saving you time when diagnosing DNS issues. DNS monitoring ensures your critical services are always up and running.

Slow DNS resolution can translate to sluggish website performance. Our DNS monitoring solution can test DNS resolution by directly querying specified servers or propagating Internet root servers to resolve a specific Internet address from multiple points around the world.

Device Cached. This is the default option and means the cached name server (NS) address retrieved during monitoring of a previous task (device cache) will initially be used for monitoring. If the device cache does not have the needed address, then an automatic inquiry for the address from root DNS servers will be conducted.

Non-cached. The device cache (cache of preceding tasks) will not be used, so each new execution demands a separate inquiry to DNS root servers.  This is useful for ensuring uniform times since the DNS lookup will be performed each time.

TTL Cached. NS cache formed during monitoring of preceding tasks (device cache) will initially be used for monitoring. If the device cache does not have the needed address, then an automatic inquiry for the address will be conducted from the local DNS server.

External DNS Server. A specified IP address will be considered as a DNS server address and polled for NS data. For example, this is useful in situations where most of your clients use a public caching service.

For more information on DNS mode options, please visit our  Knowledge Base page.

When it comes to DNS errors triggered during web monitoring, it’s not typically easy to quickly identify and understand the exact issue that leads to connection errors.  

Refer to our wiki, where we’ll walk you through how to fix DNS errors step-by-step.

The short answer to this is: yes. DNSSEC is a suite of extensions that improve Domain Name System (DNS) security by verifying that DNS results have not been tampered with. Enterprises can use DNSSEC to prevent attacks related to DNS spoofing, DNS cache poisoning, etc.

When DNS was developed, security was not a top priority. Because of this, when sending a request to an authoritative DNS server, the resolver cannot verify the authenticity of the response sent by name servers to clients. The resolver is only able to check if the response comes from the same IP address to which the original request was sent. DNSSEC helps verify the authenticity of DNS responses through digital signatures for DNS records. You can learn more about DNSSEC validation in this knowledgebase article.