WebSocket Monitoring

Monitor WebSocket availability, performance, content, and errors. Ensure seamless, bidirectional communication for apps like live chats, messaging, and stock tickers.
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Real-Time Performance

Advanced WebSocket Monitoring for Optimal Performance

Ensure your WebSocket endpoints are communicating properly with your users and other web services. Get real-time, instant feedback on WebSocket availability and performance.

Comprehensive WebSocket Monitoring Insights

With Dotcom-Monitor, ensure your WebSocket endpoints communicate flawlessly.

 Endpoint Checks: Monitor WebSocket URLs for availability, performance, content, and potential errors.

 Data Transmission: Post connection, our system listens to socket events, sending necessary messages and waiting for responses.

 Response Validation: Verify message strings from WebSockets, checking for specific keywords to ensure accurate data exchange.

 SSL Certificate Verification: Ensure the security and integrity of your WebSocket connections.

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Key Features

Key WebSocket Monitoring Features

Unlock a suite of WebSocket monitoring tools to guarantee the best performance and reliability!
Bidirectional Monitoring

Keep an eye on both incoming and outgoing data for a holistic view.

String/Binary Data Support

Whether it's in string or binary format, we handle the transmission seamlessly.

Real-Time Alerts

Get instant notifications for any potential communication disruptions or errors.

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Global Monitoring Locations

Understand WebSocket performance from various points for a truly global perspective.

Increase Efficiency and reliability

Optimize Real-Time Communications with WebSocket Monitoring

Take advantage of Dotcom-Monitor’s solutions to boost the efficiency and reliability of your WebSocket-based applications. Ensure every message is delivered without delay or error. Find problems and fix them fast.

Tailored WebSocket Monitoring for Today's Dynamic Applications

Dotcom-Monitor provides a user-centric dashboard that gives a clear picture of WebSocket performance. From single apps to large platforms—our tools ensure every byte of data finds its way.
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WebSocket Monitoring—Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about WebSocket monitoring. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.
WebSockets offer TCP-based bidirectional communication ideal for real-time applications like messaging, gaming, and live news feeds.
Through continuous endpoint checks, data transmission monitoring, and real-time response validation, we guarantee WebSocket’s peak performance and reliability.
WebSockets are essential for real-time applications. Monitoring ensures consistent communication, high performance, and immediate error detection.
With features like bi-directional monitoring, real-time alerts, a user-friendly dashboard, and global testing locations, we offer a superior WebSocket monitoring experience.
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