FTP Monitoring Tools for Servers & Files

Ensure seamless file transfer operations with Dotcom-Monitor. Monitor uptime, server availability, and stay updated on directory or file status in real-time.
FTP Monitoring
ensure seamless file transfers

Enhanced FTP Monitoring Protocols

FTP is the backbone of secure file transfers in today's digital landscape. With Dotcom-Monitor, maintain flawless file transfers, ensure data integrity, and guard against unexpected server downtimes.
Comprehensive FTP Monitoring

Comprehensive FTP Monitoring Capabilities

Monitor FTP Over SSH: Ensure secure FTP operations with the tunneling of sessions.

Verify Server Availability: Efficiently manage resources across multiple departments.

Test Logins Using Credentials: Uphold security with login tests.

Execute a Directory-Listing Command: Ensure seamless access to directories.

Key Features

Key FTP Monitoring Features

Empower your business with our precise FTP monitoring tools designed for accurate and instant alerting.
Check for Specific Files Within a Directory

Keep track of crucial files.

data spike
Monitor FTP Traffic

Track key performance metrics like transfer rate.

Get FTP Downtime Alerts

Stay ahead with real-time notifications.

performance report
FTP-Related KPI Insights

Visualize FTP performance with intuitive visuals.

Achieve Uninterrupted File Transfers with Dotcom-Monitor's FTP Monitoring

Identify performance bottlenecks and server issues immediately. Dotcom-Monitor helps you act quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal file transfer processes.

FTP Monitoring for Modern Digital Platforms

Harness the power of Dotcom-Monitor's comprehensive dashboard, delivering unmatched insights into your FTP servers' performance. Catering to individual users or expansive enterprises, our tools ensure your file transfer operations remain smooth and reliable.
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FTP Monitoring—Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about email server monitoring. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.
FTP monitoring is a type of file transfer protocol monitoring that is performed to verify constant and continuous availability and responsiveness of FTP servers and systems. The main purpose of an FTP monitoring tool is to track file changes in real-time, along with various connection time metrics and statistics.
FTP monitoring is a critical part of ensuring that various servers and files that businesses depend on are performing correctly. By proactively monitoring the number of issues and server anomalies, businesses can reduce the number of errors in their file systems and improve key metrics that influence web and server performance. FTP monitoring also reduces downtime and helps troubleshoot related issues using Dotcom-Monitor’s patented alerting system.
Dotcom-Monitor’s proprietary applications test the availability of various FTP services in your system by moving files across servers and using metrics like file transfer rate, response time, transaction rate, TCP handshake time, and other data to paint a picture of your system’s overall performance. With Dotcom-Monitor, you don’t have to worry about the small details—simply configure your tests and let the data pour in. From there, you can analyze the data and optimize your system. And of course, Dotcom-Monitor support is here to help if you need any assistance with your FTP monitoring task configuration or have other questions.
FTP server monitoring is a complex process that works by downloading and uploading files across your network/server and tracking the metrics mentioned above associated with these uploads and downloads. If your FTP server is unavailable, Dotcom-Monitor’s system records this data and notifies you so that you can take action and remedy the root cause.
While there are a variety of free FTP monitoring tools available for the public to use (most of which are open source), generally speaking, they are far inferior to paid solutions like Dotcom-Monitor. Free tools only allow one-off testing, and don’t provide the same type of robust, real-time alerting needed to manage FTP issues at the enterprise level. If you’re a small to large company looking for the best, most proactive and vigilant FTP monitoring tool, look no further than Dotcom-Monitor. Also—Dotcom-Monitor offers a free trial with all new accounts, so you have the opportunity to try our FTP monitoring service before committing to any type of purchase.
Most FTP Monitoring solutions (Dotcom-Monitor’s included) monitor FTP traffic—and without the ability to monitoring traffic, you can’t gather the data necessary to understand the health of an FTP system. So, yes, you should be monitoring FTP traffic. You should also be using an FTP monitoring tool that provides you with alerts so you know when there’s an issue with your FTP server or file system. Dotcom-Monitor’s FTP alerting system provides you with real-time SMS, phone, and email alerting so you can know instantly when issues occur.
Our detailed monitoring solutions, combined with immediate insights, widespread coverage, and instant alerts, establish our platform as the go-to choice for businesses prioritizing seamless file transfers.
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