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Monitor and ensure the performance of VoIP services and phone number availability anytime, from anywhere.
Infrastructure Monitoring VoIP
Detect, diagnose, and resolve

Ensure High-Quality VoIP Communication with Dotcom-Monitor

Provide seamless voice calls and communication over the internet. With Dotcom-Monitor's VoIP Monitoring, rapidly detect system outages, ensuring continuous connectivity for your VoIP services.

Comprehensive VoIP Monitoring

  VoIP System Monitoring: Track the performance and availability of your organization’s VoIP communications system and ensure connectivity by analyzing call responses.

  WAN Monitoring: Oversee VoIP packet transmission across WAN networks to ensure trouble-free connections.

  Phone Number Testing: Automatically test phone number availability for businesses, call centers, and private numbers.

  Global Monitoring Network: Utilize our worldwide monitoring network to ensure VoIP availability from various geographical locations.

Key Features

Key VoIP Monitoring Features

Experience unmatched performance with Dotcom-Monitor's VoIP Monitoring. Dive into your call metrics and ensure high-quality VoIP communication.
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Real-time Call Analysis

Monitor the entire path of VoIP calls, identifying problems at origin or endpoint.

Failure & Success Rate Statistics

Gain insights on call success rates and understand errors, busy percentages, and call path interruptions.

Packet Loss Detection

Quickly identify packet loss errors and troubleshoot out-of-sequence and missing packets.

System Limit Configuration

Analyze VoIP performance data to set up thresholds for your system, maintaining optimal call quality.

Seamless Voice calls

Guarantee Uninterrupted VoIP Services with Dotcom-Monitor

From personal phone calls to large-scale business conferences, Dotcom-Monitor offers a comprehensive solution for VoIP monitoring, ensuring that every voice call is seamless.

VoIP Monitoring for Advanced Communication Solutions

Leverage Dotcom-Monitor's robust tools for unmatched VoIP monitoring insights. Ensure continuous, high-quality VoIP communication for your customers and clients.
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VOIP Monitoring Tools—Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help users understand the benefits and terminology associated with VoIP monitoring, we’ve provided answers to common questions below. If you still have a question, feel free to contact us.
VoIP monitoring is the process of tracking various metrics of VoIP call quality including latency, packet loss, jitter, and other metrics that affect the quality and reliability of a VoIP phone call. The word “VoIP” is an acronym that stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and VoIP has become the standard for most non-cellular network calls made today.
VoIP monitoring works by tracking data and various metrics from the source (origin point) of the VoIP call to the destination, and also reversing this process, tracking metrics and data from the destination back to the origin point. Some of these metrics include Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and Round-Trip Time (RTT).

Absolutely—VoIP calls can be monitored, but in order to monitor large scale business-class systems, a robust VoIP monitoring tools like Dotcom-Monitor is generally required.

What are common metrics monitored on VoIP calls by Dotcom-Monitor?

Dotcom-Monitor VoIP monitoring tracks things like positive jitter, negative jitter, latency, MOT/RTT (mentioned above), packet loss, packet arrival time, out-of-sequence packets, miss-managed internet access (MIA) packets, and a variety of proprietary metrics.

While there are a variety of VoIP monitoring tools on the market, the best VoIP monitoring tools should offer a few key benefits. First, they should provide real-time data. If you can’t track VoIP issues while they are happening, you’re going to have a lot of trouble making meaningful changes to improve call quality. Second, they should track a large range of VoIP metrics (as mentioned above). Tracking packets alone isn’t enough—you need to be looking at many other VoIP KPIs. Lastly, a good VoIP monitoring tool should have alerting, and this alerting should be instant. Dotcom-Monitor provides instant alerts via SMS, phone, and email—making it one of the most robust solutions on the market, capable of enterprise-grade VoIP monitoring at a high scale.
Open-source VoIP monitoring tools may be worth using in some circumstances for one-off tests, but they are not a tenable solution for any sort of business that relies on the uptime and performance of their VoIP system. Free VoIP monitoring tools don’t have the alerting and testing capabilities required to monitoring enterprise-level VoIP systems, or to automate these tasks. Dotcom-Monitor was built from the ground up to handle large-scale VoIP testing, especially in business use scenarios. If you’d like to schedule a demo of our VoIP monitoring system, you can contact us at any time. We also offer free trials for all of our systems, so you can experience the performance and ease that we offer without worries of contracts or commitments.
You can absolutely monitor VoIP phone call quality. However, to monitor VoIP system and call quality on a consistent basis without running tedious, manual tasks, you’ll need a solution that can automate this testing in a reliable fashion and notify you if there are any issues detected. Unfortunately, free and open-source VoIP monitoring solutions don’t have this capability and are quite limited in their scope. Luckily, Dotcom-Monitor provides all of these capabilities and more. Simply click here to schedule a demo and learn about how Dotcom-Monitor can automatically improve the performance of your VoIP system.
The best VoIP monitoring software is the once that meets your needs and can pinpoint issues in your system, and notify you immediately of any problems that occur. Dotcom-Monitor meets all of this criteria, and we’re always happy to set up a demo at your convenience to show you how we can help.
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