Web API Monitoring

Calls specified web function and checks for response content, performance, and uptime of SOAP, REST, JSON, and XML web services.

web api settings

Monitor API Availability and Performance

If your website or web application relies on an API, availability is a crucial part of ensuring a consistent user experience.

SOAP Monitoring

Dotcom-Monitor agents can replicate one or more end-client requests and monitor web services for availability and proper content. Verify that data can be exchanged with a web application by monitoring a SOAP web service for availability and for proper responses. 

Setup HTTP/SOAP tasks by manually configuring the SOAP envelope or retrieve parameters using Web Service Definition Language (WSDL).  Check for performance and accuracy of DNS query resolutions from worldwide locations.

SOAP task

REST API Monitoring

Monitor RESTful web services for availability, functionality, and performance.  Verify your API calls return the proper text, JSON, or XML 

Unlike SOAP, RESTful APIs do not require XML-based web services. Compared to SOAP, REST requires fewer resources and bandwidth.

OAuth 2.0-based APIs

Many of the today’s applications utilize OAuth 2.0, an industry-standard protocol for authorization.

Your Web Service API may require OAuth 2.0 authentication to allow other services, such as client applications, to be granted access rights to resources on your service over HTTP/S. 

With the Dotcom-Monitor platform, you can configure a multi-task monitoring device using an HTTP/S task and continuosly monitor OAuth-based Web APIs for availability and performance.

OAuth monitoring task

Postman Collections

If you have a collection of integration tests for internal API testing with Postman, but also need to set up tests from outside the local network, you can upload a Postman collection from the JSON file, or using the shared public link, to the Dotcom-Monitor platform. 

Create automated monitoring tests to alert you on errors that occur during monitoring, specify monitoring locations, monitoring scheduler, filters, set up reporting on monitoring results, and more.

Pricing for Web API Monitoring


Monitor Uptime & Performance

starting at$19.95/mo

volume discounts apply

1 - 5min check frequency
Web Server
SSL Certification Check
Response Validation
Instant Alerts
Client Certificate Support
3-year Data Retention
30 Monitoring Locations

Contact us for higher volume discounts.

Premium Locations can be opted in addition to package options *.



5 min Premium1 min Platinum

* Premium Locations fee – 25% of a package price.

Ensure Your Business-Critical APIs are Consistently Performing

Check the performance of every API request and set alert thresholds for minimum and maximum response times.

Real-time API Performance Alerts

Stay on top of issues with immediate notifications, such as SMS text message, email, or phone.

When an error is detected, the API monitoring agent checks the error against the device’s filter. If the device does not filter out the error, the device goes into an alert state. Users have the option to assign multiple alert groups to receive alerts, along with their own customized alert schedule, device alert throttling, and escalation options.

HTTP Task Error
API reporting options

API Monitoring Reporting Options

Detailed performance reporting options and custom notification groups.

Dotcom-Monitor offers a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports available in TXT, CSV, and PDF formats. Each report contains a variety of metrics, such as average performance by location, response times, downtime, and much more. Reports can be configured to be automatically sent to specific alert groups.

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