Network Monitoring

Monitor your network performance, in real-time, and drill down into network data level-by-level.

Verify Network Uptime and Performance

Monitor networks, network devices, servers, and web services.


Quickly identify and diagnose network-related outages and issues by monitoring uptime status of servers and other network devices.

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Our network monitoring agents can test UDP server availability by sending packets to a specified port and receiving a response.

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Easily visualize where network problems originate with powerful, accurate network monitoring.

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TCP Port/Telnet

Quickly and easily check Internet services using external monitoring agents from all over the world.

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Identify the Root Cause of Downtime and Network Performance Issues

Real-time status and alerts for any device or service.

Instant Network Alerts and Reports

Our network monitoring solution is more than just an uptime/downtime check. It logs your issues and helps you determine where they originated from. See the Dotcom-Monitor Wiki article on downtime/uptime for details on how the data is calculated. 

Get instant alerts and detailed reports provide you with proactive, actionable information, helping to identify ways to prevent similar issues from reoccurring. Historic reporting allows you to retrospectively analyze environmental changes or analyze traffic fluctuations by time.

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Start Monitoring Network Performance and Uptime.

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