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Ensure the seamless ability of your VoIP infrastructure to establish, maintain, and terminate calls effectively. Try Dotcom-Monitor for your comprehensive SIP and VoIP monitoring solutions!
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Harness the Power of SIP Monitoring

Optimize your VoIP/SIP communication by monitoring VoIP and SIP services as either a provisioned extension or client. Ensure uninterrupted communication and maximize service uptime.

Comprehensive SIP Monitoring Solutions

  SIP Protocol and VoIP Integration: Monitor VoIP services to ensure smooth and effective communication.

 Monitoring VoIP Infrastructure: Utilize SIP, a signaling protocol, to establish, sustain, and terminate multimedia applications, such as voice and video.

 Detailed Reporting: Access SIP monitoring reports for historical data, aiding VoIP management. Track SLA compliance seamlessly and view error messages on your online dashboard.

Key Features

Key SIP Monitoring Features

Strengthen your VoIP communication infrastructure with Dotcom-Monitor. Dive into detailed metrics and ensure a flawless SIP communication system.
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Step-by-Step Monitoring

Monitor every stage of the communication process and detect errors instantly.

Outgoing Call Monitoring

Track the success rate of outgoing calls and ensure they are initiated correctly.

Inbound Call Routing

Ensure incoming calls are directed appropriately without any glitches.

Internal Extension Connectivity

Guarantee the effective communication of internal extensions.

Server Error Messages

Get instant notifications of server issues for quick troubleshooting.

Voicemail Availability

Ensure your voicemail system is always up and running, receiving all messages.

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Expected Call Result Checks

Monitor if the expected call results match the actual outcomes.

Seamless calls

Reliable SIP Monitoring with Dotcom-Monitor

From establishing calls to terminating them, Dotcom-Monitor provides the tools and insights to keep your SIP communication flawless.

SIP Monitoring for Modern VoIP Communication

Raise your SIP communication standards with Dotcom-Monitor. Ensure continuous, high-quality SIP connectivity and stay ahead of potential issues.
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SIP Monitoring—Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand SIP monitoring better, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions below. For any other inquiries, please contact us.
SIP monitoring ensures the ability of VoIP infrastructure to establish, maintain, and terminate calls effectively using the Session Initiation Protocol.
By monitoring the SIP protocol, businesses can ensure seamless communication, identify issues in real-time, and ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements, leading to enhanced customer experience and trust.
SIP monitoring can detect various errors, including server issues, call initiation failures, internal extension disconnections, and discrepancies in expected call results.

To get started with our SIP monitoring solution, simply start your 30-day free trial or request a demo to see the system in action.

While they’re closely related, SIP is a protocol used for VoIP communication. SIP monitoring specifically looks at the processes involved in initiating, maintaining, and terminating calls, whereas VoIP monitoring can be broader, encompassing various aspects of voice over IP communication.
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