DNS Monitoring

Improve DNS Performance Through Immediate Outage Detection
Monitor your DNS, immediately detect server downtime, performance issues, and unexpected changes to DNS records.
DNS Monitoring
Worldwide Insights

Monitor DNS Globally

Operate with confidence as Dotcom-Monitor’s global network of DNS monitoring locations allows you to analyze DNS performance and resolution from critical geographic regions. Our DNS monitoring service helps guarantee your DNS servers respond quickly and accurately to users around the globe.
DNS Monitoring Performance Metrics

DNS Monitoring: Track Vital Performance Metrics

Response Time Monitoring: Quickly identify and address potential issues.

Query Success Tracking: Ensure continuous DNS availability and consistent performance.

DNS Resolution Accuracy: Guarantee quality of service (QoS) for users by ensuring precise record resolution.

Proactive DNS Monitoring: Ensure Propagation Chain Health

Real-time Snapshot: Get an accurate real-time view of your DNS infrastructure’s health.

Complete Resolution Path: Track every query and redirection, ensuring thorough monitoring from root servers to the final DNS destination.

Quick Troubleshooting: Instant alerts enable your IT team to pinpoint and resolve issues, minimizing Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR).

Stable Online Presence: Monitor each stage of DNS resolution, ensuring continuous and robust network performance.

DNS Monitoring Propagation Chain Health
Advanced DNS Monitoring for Maximum Security

Safety and Synchronization Checks: Advanced DNS Monitoring for Maximum Security

DNSSEC Verification: Validate the entire chain of trust in DNSSEC hierarchy to ensure data authentication and integrity.

SOA Consistency: Monitor SOA records for seamless replication and to detect potential discrepancies across DNS servers.

Blacklist Vigilance: Continuous monitoring of domain and IP against blacklists, taking proactive steps to uphold your online reputation.

Guaranteed Accurate Resolution: Prioritize security, synchronization, and reputation for flawless DNS performance.

Monitoring features
Powerful Features

Key DNS Monitoring Features

Dive deep into DNS health and performance with these advanced tools and analytics!
Precise DNS Health Snapshots

Empower your IT team with real-time insights into the health and performance of your DNS infrastructure. With our comprehensive monitoring suite, you can ensure timely identification and resolution of potential DNS issues.

Full DNS Resolution Path Tracking

Our state-of-the-art tool tracks every DNS query and redirection from root servers to final resolution. This granular level of monitoring ensures that every step in the DNS resolution process is under your watchful eye.

Immediate Alert System for DNS Anomalies

Stay ahead of potential threats and issues. With our immediate alert system, any anomalies or deviations in your DNS resolution process are instantly flagged, allowing for rapid troubleshooting and issue resolution.

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Consistent Domain Accessibility

Our monitoring ensures a robust and stable online presence. By understanding each stage of DNS resolution, you can guarantee maximum uptime and accessibility for your domain.

performance report
Comprehensive DNS Propagation Reports

Get in-depth insights with our DNS propagation reports. Analyze the global propagation of your DNS records across multiple servers, ensuring consistent and accurate DNS resolutions for all your users.

Secure DNS Traffic Monitoring

Security is paramount. Monitor all the incoming and outgoing DNS traffic, ensuring any malicious or suspicious activity is detected and addressed promptly.

DNS Load Balancer Health Check

Maintain optimal website speed and responsiveness. Our health checks on DNS load balancers ensure efficient distribution of traffic, providing a seamless user experience.

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Harness our cutting-edge platform and expansive global infrastructure to ensure your DNS remains faultless. With real-time notifications and tailor-made dashboards, respond to issues with unmatched speed and accuracy.
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DNS Monitoring—Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about DNS monitoring. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Domain name servers (DNS) are used to translate domain names to IP addresses. If the DNS server that supports your organization is down, multiple services, such as mail servers, web sites, or proxy servers may be unavailable to the outside world.

DNS monitoring provides consistent connectivity to your websites and servers, saving you time when diagnosing DNS issues. DNS monitoring ensures your critical services are always up and running.

Device Cached. This is the default option and means the cached name server (NS) address retrieved during monitoring of a previous task (device cache) will initially be used for monitoring. If the device cache does not have the needed address, then an automatic inquiry for the address from root DNS servers will be conducted.

Non-cached. The device cache (cache of preceding tasks) will not be used, so each new execution demands a separate inquiry to DNS root servers. This is useful for ensuring uniform times since the DNS lookup will be performed each time.

TTL Cached. NS cache formed during monitoring of preceding tasks (device cache) will initially be used for monitoring. If the device cache does not have the needed address, then an automatic inquiry for the address will be conducted from the local DNS server.

External DNS Server. A specified IP address will be considered as a DNS server address and polled for NS data. For example, this is useful in situations where most of your clients use a public caching service.

For more information on DNS mode options, please visit our Knowledge Base page.

When it comes to DNS errors triggered during web monitoring, it’s not typically easy to quickly identify and understand the exact issue that leads to connection errors.

Refer to our wiki, where we’ll walk you through how to fix DNS errors step-by-step.

The short answer to this is: yes. DNSSEC is a suite of extensions that improve Domain Name System (DNS) security by verifying that DNS results have not been tampered with. Enterprises can use DNSSEC to prevent attacks related to DNS spoofing, DNS cache poisoning, etc.

When DNS was developed, security was not a top priority. Because of this, when sending a request to an authoritative DNS server, the resolver cannot verify the authenticity of the response sent by name servers to clients. The resolver is only able to check if the response comes from the same IP address to which the original request was sent. DNSSEC helps verify the authenticity of DNS responses through digital signatures for DNS records. You can learn more about DNSSEC validation in this knowledgebase article.

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