How Website Monitoring Improves Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Website monitoring tools are great for customer service — A customer’s experience with your website—including its speed, ease-of-use and dynamism—can make or break their decision to do business with your company. In today’s competitive market, there is little room to commit errors when it comes to your website. The key to an unmatched Internet experience for your customers, therefore, starts and ends with the quality of your site.

The Facts: Speed is Quality

Website Monitoring for Speed
Website Speed is Website Quality
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According to a recent survey, 93 percent of customers will associate the quality of a product with the quality of its website. And 87 percent of respondents claim to have left a page and purchased another product due to an inability to navigate a company’s site. So, if your web page is not up to speed, consumers will judge your products or services accordingly.

To ensure that your website runs optimally, IT executives need the ability to look under the surface for problems that can be prevented before a network fai lure occurs. This means direct access to server health is required, 24/7. Issues such as broken links, invalid site certificates and malfunctioning form requests need to be dealt with immediately—and to do this, the proper software is required.

The Benefits of Website Monitoring Software

The right website monitoring software enables users to create customizable group alerts. These alerts allow IT managers to specify which IT teams or team members receive an alert when a server has been down for 30 seconds, and then automatically escalate the alerts to other team members when a server has been down for 45 minutes. Errors can also be filtered when problems are detected by more than one network monitoring agent, so that IT managers are only notified about major issues.

Website monitoring software also provides detailed charts and graphs that can be utilized to better gauge both global and local network performance, as well as web transaction recorders that monitor shopping carts and other web applications. This helps to alleviate latency, which causes slow page load speeds and thus bottlenecks. Once latency is addressed, customer satisfaction increases and churn rates decrease.

As an added benefit to website monitoring, IT staff is able to immediately inform customer service representatives of website issues, allowing them to stay ahead of customer complaints and proactively manage customer expectations. Proper communication with real-time updates as to the problems being fixed decreases frustration for both employees and customers, protecting a company’s bottom line. Most importantly, IT managers will save time and money immediately knowing where problems occur, enabling them to address the issues quickly and reduce MTTR.

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How Do You Perform?

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