Facebook Website Speed Test from Around the World [Infographic]

We test Facebook website speed and page load time from around the world to see how Facebook handles their massive amounts of web traffic.

Facebook is the world’s second most popular site. Each day hundreds of millions of users log-on to Facebook creating huge traffic loads. To better understand how Facebook meets this challenge we analyzed how quickly Dotcom-Monitor’s Facebook Page fully loads in a browser from several worldwide locations. To acquire this data we used BrowserView Monitoring™, which was set to use an Internet Explorer browser, monitoring every 30 minutes for five days.

See the Facebook Website Speed Test from Around the World Infographic below:

Facebook Website Speed Test
Facebook Website Speed Test from Around the World [Infographic]
Results: As you can see, the Shanghai monitoring location’s load of the Dotcom-Monitor Facebook page was blocked by the “Great Firewall of China” resulting in a failure, the San Francisco monitoring location recorded the fastest load time at 1.74 sec., and the worldwide average was 4.453 seconds.

Publication: Feel free to re-publish this infographic. Inclusion of the source link is appreciated.

Website Speed Test: If you would like to run your own test, see our Free Website Speed Test Tool.

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