DNS Monitoring Improves Web Site Speed and Reliability – Part 2

DNS Monitoring - DNS Recursor
A DNS recursor consults three nameservers to resolve
the address www.wikipedia.org.

As Part 1 of “DNS Monitoring Improves Web Site Speed and Reliability” noted the DNS process is not well understood by many Internet users, but it does have an impact on Internet speed and performance. In order to improve uptime, functionality, and speed, website owners can test the complete line of Dotcom-Monitor services – including DNS monitoring, free.

To run a free DNS test, visit: Remote Traceroute (select Trace Style: DNS).

Performance and Profit with DNS Monitoring

Automatic DNS monitoring provides solid DNS server performance data, so website owners know exactly when and how their DNS is impacting overall Internet traffic and speed.  This objective data can be used to drive internal goals and to ensure that internet service providers are living up to their service level agreements (SLAs).  Automatic DNS monitoring will also trigger alerts when something goes wrong.  The faster a business is aware of a DNS problem the faster it gets fixed – reducing the risk of lost business.

Businesses should take DNS server issues seriously, and that requires the right tools.  Dotcom-Monitor DNS monitoring lets you know almost immediately when DNS server issues are affecting Internet, or web site performance.  Fast, useful information about DNS performance means fast resolutions and faster, more reliable web service for website owners and end users.

The Advantages of Dotcom-Monitor DNS Monitoring

DNS Monitoring - DNS Resolution Sequence
DNS Resolution Sequence

Dotcom-Monitor uses a non-cache DNS monitoring solution with high frequency monitoring that propagates DNS queries to the root name servers.  That means a DNS issue will be identified quickly, as opposed to being masked for days as it might be with a cached monitoring approach.  When monitored properly, using a non-cache method, an error is quickly identified so the designated workaround, like a DNS failover, can be implemented.

Dotcom-Monitor non-cached DNS monitoring (unlike some other cache-based DNS monitoring solutions) also provides diagnostics with an automated trace-route as soon as a DNS problem is detected.  This means less time investigating the problem and much faster mean time to repair (MTTR).  The Dotcom-Monitor DNS monitoring solution also allows website owners to spot trends so that small DNS issues can be addressed before they become big DNS problems.

Website monitoring has many facets. In order to improve uptime, functionality, and speed, website owners can test the complete line of Dotcom-Monitor services – including DNS monitoring here.

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To run a free DNS test, visit: Remote Traceroute (select Trace Style: DNS).

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