It’s 2am: Do You Know What Your Network is Doing?

Who is Monitoring your Network After Hours?

24x7 Network Monitoring
Who is monitoring your network while you sleep?

We’ve all been there—left work happily at 5 pm with all our ducks in a row for our latest business deal only to come in the next morning and find out that overnight the venture went sour. So, instead of being able to hit the ground cleaning up the mess, you are first bringing yourself up to speed on what happened.

Just imagine how much more harrowing the situation becomes when a network engineer leaves work thinking the network is fine and arrives the next morning to discover a widespread outage—that was left unresolved for the entire night.

The Implications of Downtime

There are a variety of factors that cause network problems, from configuration errors to natural disasters to hardware failure or software bugs. No matter the cause, however, the cost is significant. According to market research aggregated from MegaPath, 73 percent of businesses have experienced some type of server or network outage challenge over the last five years—costing them more than $70 million over that time period.

Staying Ahead of Network Challenges

As a network engineer, your job is to ensure neither money, nor your company’s reputation is left on the table. With proper network monitoring software in place, you can receive real-time alerts about the performance of your network, meaning you will never come to work surprised.

Network Outage Alerts
Receive instant alerts 24/7 whenever a network issue is detected.

Dotcom-Monitor’s ServerView Monitoring solution keeps tabs on your websites and servers, 24/7 from a worldwide network of monitoring locations. No matter the time of day (or night), alerts are sent when a performance threshold is broken, an outage occurs or when errors are detected. This helps engineers maximize uptime and availability for their networks, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and staying ahead of customer and employee complaints regarding network downtime.

Network Outage Alerts

Here’s a look at some of the chief benefits of Network Monitoring alerts:

  • Custom Features: Whether you want single, group or auto-escalating alerts, you can configure the alert types that best work for your organization. Dotcom-Monitor alerts can also be communicated across a variety of channels (from SMS to pagers to email), allowing you to send notifications based on the preference of the individual receiving the alert.
  • Deep Analysis: It is not enough to know a problem has occurred. Network engineers need to be able to identify the root cause, whether it was a page, server or network related issue. Dotcom-Monitor’s detailed reports provide you with actionable information to get you back up and running fast.
  • Problem Resolution: Just as it is crucial to know in real-time if something has gone wrong with your network, it is imperative to know when the problem has been rectified. Dotcom-Monitor’s uptime alerts let engineers (and management) know when all detected problems have been addressed.

To learn more about how to keep your staff apprised of network happenings, see Dotcom-Monitor’s Network Monitoring Software.

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