Vimeo Website Down – Dotcom-Monitor Verified Vimeo Website Outage

Vimeo Website DownVimeo Website Down – At approximately 1:30pm CST on 01/16/2013 Dotcom-Monitor began sending alerts to its clients regarding Vimeo webpage elements timing out. Vimeo is a U.S.-based video-sharing website on which users can upload, share and view videos. Dotcom-Monitor testing  verified connection issues and the Vimeo outages occurring from worldwide locations. Dotcom-Monitor captured a video of the Vimeo outage homepage error (note the 5-second domain name server (DNS) load time) using its UserView Monitoring – Video Capture Technology.

{ See the video here: }

Vimeo Website Down

While the Vimeo servers were accessible intermittently throughout the afternoon, it appears that Vimeo outages initially occurred intermittently from approximately 1:30pm to 3:30pm CST / UTC – 6 hours, then went into a state of persistent service downtime. Dotcom-Monitor continued to monitor the Vimeo outage situation, and currently has confirmed another Vimeo website outage (as of 5:00pm CST). (NOTE: Current Dotcom-Monitor clients with a Vimeo service webpage element can avoid excessive error conditions by filtering out the Vimeo element.)

Vimeo Website Down
Our worldwide browser test confirms intermittent Vimeo outages.

Vimeo User Frustration

Some users reported having access to the Vimeo site, but are unable to login. Users of Vimeo have expressed annoyance via social media channels.

Vimeo Outage

The Twittersphere remains active this afternoon  with frustrated users due to the Vimeo outage. The issue affects end-users, freelancers and creatives attempting to use the Vimeo service, as well as many business websites that host their videos on the Vimeo service. The impact is significant, as Vimeo had attracted over 65 million unique visitors with more than 8 million registered users as of December 2011, not including embedded views across the web.

Test for Yourself

To run an instant test to check availability and performance of the Vimeo website, or to test a website that features an embedded Vimeo video, run our Instant Browser Test.


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