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Performance Tech Tips

The Great Firewall of China: Obstacles to Monitoring Performance

The entire country of China’s internet connectivity is shielded by the Great Firewall (GFW). There are three state-owned ISP providers, China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile, that control internet in China.  Essentially, all traffic between China and the rest of the world goes through a few national level and

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Page Load Speed

How You Lose Money on Your Website Without Even Knowing It

Having a functional and operative website is a critical asset. A well-optimized and smart website can act as a revenue generating machine.  The idea is to attract more visitors for your site, increase web page traffic, and then make sales or conversions on the main page. There is, however, a

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website downtime
Website Performance News

Best Practices to Minimize Website Downtime

When a customer notifies you that your website is down, it has far more severe consequences than just embarrassment. Website downtime can mean loss of money, reputation, credibility and in a lot of cases, the overall feeling of security of your customers. As a survey report from Gartner showed website

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Dotcom-Monitor News

Case Study: LuckyVitamin

LuckyVitamin ensures global uptime and performance for millions of customers with the Dotcom-Monitor platform.   Introduction Founded in 2005, LuckyVitamin is an industry leading global e-commerce destination for health and wellness, natural and organic products, vitamins, nutritional supplements, sports and fitness nutrition, food, beauty, skincare, pet, and natural home. LuckyVitamin offers

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