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SIP Monitoring Services:  Many Points of Potential Failure

While SIP Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has come a long way to improve connectivity and quality of service, there remains numerous potential points of failure along the path of devices over which the data flows.  Unfortunately, if a remote location is experiencing an issue with their data connections, not

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SIP Monitoring for VoIP Systems – Uptime and Performance

Dotcom-Monitor’s new SIP monitoring service makes live periodic SIP-based calls to VoIP devices, providing real-time monitoring, alerts, and performance reports regarding SIP component connectivity. When a problem is detected, the SIP monitoring notification feature sends an alert via phone, pager, email, or SMS. Additionally, real-time connectivity status reports are provided via an intuitive online Dashboard interface offering sufficient detail to help pinpoint where the error condition is occurring. This reporting functionality also includes detailed historical reports and charts for managing VoIP systems and components, including Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance issues.

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