HostingCon 2013 Discount Code & Giveaways! – Visit Us at Booth 0741

We’re barely back from IRCE 2013 in Chicago, and now packing our bags for HostingCon 2013 in Austin. Tradeshow season is in full swing here at Dotcom-Monitor!

HostingCon 2013

HostingCon Conference Overview

Once a year, the industry’s best and the brightest thought leaders, subject matter experts and professionals gather together at HostingCon with an express purpose — to network, learn and grow. This year for three jam-packed days, June 17 – 19, 2013, HostingCon convenes in one of North America’s top technology hubs, Austin, Texas at the Austin Convention Center, to face the challenges of the present and think broadly about the future of the cloud computing and web hosting industry.

HostingCon 2013 Discount Code

Planning to attend HostingCon next week but haven’t registered yet? Use discount code Dotcom-Monitor2013 to receive $60 off full registration, or $30 off a single day pass.
> Register Here!

Win a Sweet RC Helicopter at HostingCon 2013!

Win an RC Chopper at HostingCon 2013!
Sweet Chopper!

Stop by Booth 0741 during HostingCon 2013 and play our ever-popular box drop game. Winners will receive a sweet RC chopper! We’re talking a 3 channel mini indoor co-axial helicopter that comes equipped with a high grade metal body frame and a built in Gyroscope to stabilize the helicopter’s heading. Yeah, it’s pretty cool (we have several flying around our office).

The Helicopters were a huge hit at IRCE last week, and we’re excited to give away a bunch more at HostingCon! Check out the happy IRCE 2013 Chopper Winners. Hopefully you’ll be added to the HostingCon 2013 winners list.

#HostingCon 2013 – Join the Conversation

Tweet with us at @Dotcom_Monitor. We’ll be using the #HostingCon hashtag throughout the week, tweeting pics and videos of RC Helicopter winners, sharing photos from our booth and the tradeshow floor, and RTing shout-outs and mentions from you!

Recoup your HostingCon Investment

If you bring back just one cost reduction or revenue opportunity, you can easily generate a return on investment for the show. Stop by Booth 0741 and ask us to run a free Instant Web Performance Check of your page performance or DNS resolution. We’ll not only show you how website uptime, speed and functionality directly impact customer satisfaction, but you can also try your luck at winning an RC Chopper. What’s better than that?

HostingCon 2013 – Raise Your Game

Get a preview of the HostingCon program. Watch Now!

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