Get to the Choppa


What does Arnold’s character in Predator and the IRCE 2013 have in common? Why Choppers, of course!

Dotcom-Monitor is giving away RC Helicopters at IRCE 2013! Stop by booth #1109 for your chance to win. We’ll also show you how website uptime, speed and functionality directly impact customer satisfaction and how our web monitoring services will uncover performance bottlenecks that are killing your website conversion.

Wow, what a rush! IRCE 2013 is better than ever this year, and we’re having a blast! (as you can tell from us posting that Predator clip)

If you’re currently at IRCE 2013, you’ve probably noticed some people walking around with big smiles on their faces, holding an RC Helicopter. While we’d like to think those big smiles are because they just heard of Dotcom-Monitor’s awesome web monitoring platform and all the whiz-bang features we offer, the smiles probably have more to do with the free Chopper giveaway at booth #1109 than anything. Checkout some snapshots of the winners below!

IRCE 2013 Chopper Winners
IRCE 2013 RC Chopper Winners (click to enlarge)

We still have several Helicopters left, so be sure to stop by IRCE 2013 Booth #1109 for your chance to win!


IRCE 2013 - Dotcom-Monitor
Kris, Dan & Brad of Dotcom-Monitor, giving away RC Helicopters and showcasing our Web Application Monitoring technology at IRCE 2013

UserView Web Application Monitoring

We are enjoying getting to meet all of you. There has been much talk of how our UserView Monitoring Service can ensure the “Path to Purchase” on your site works flawlessly by testing your shopping cart, configurator, and logins.

With a big focus of IRCE 2013 on User Experience, we have enjoyed demoing our new Video Capture feature as well, which allows users to see page errors from the customer’s perspective. Video Capture automatically attaches a synchronized video to our comprehensive waterfall chart whenever a problem is detected, taking Web Application Monitoring to a whole new level.

If you’d like to learn more about how our services can help your eCommerce business, stop by booth #1109, try your luck at winning an RC Chopper, and let us take a moment to show you how website uptime, speed and functionality directly impact customer satisfaction.


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About IRCE 2013

IRCE 2013 is the 9th annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, the world’s largest e-commerce event, held at Chicago’s McCormick Place West from June 4-7, 2013. The conference analyzes the social, mobile, global, personal, interactive and managerial changes that e-commerce players are bringing to the new retail economy. IRCE 2013 drew almost 10,000 e-retailing executives from more than 40 countries. The customizable agenda featured 205 speakers and 120 sessions, plus 5 workshops and 10 tracks. Learn more about the IRCE here:

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