Comprehensive Website Performance Monitoring

As the internet continues to grow exponentially, we see organizations relying on a great number of devices to support higher and higher standards of uptime and performance.
With the release of MetricsView Performance Counter Monitors and SNMP Monitoring Agents, Dotcom-Monitor provides complete website performance monitoring solutions to give you insight into not only how your websites are performing, but why they are performing that way based upon analysis of underlying infrastructure performance data.

The number of hardware and software devices required to run a competitive website these days can create a complex environment that makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly where problems are coming from.  Without monitoring each and every component, you may never know exactly where the bottlenecks are in your web systems.

Windows Performance Counters

Now you can monitor your web infrastructure to see what happens to your website under various loads and correlate the web page performance to cpu usage, memory utilization, router bandwidth saturation, simultaneous connections and much more.  The MetricsView agent can be installed directly on your servers to collect Windows Performance counters and upload them to your Dotcom-Monitor account. With this data you can generate reports of historical website performance along side of charts showing performance counter data, giving you the insight into how different components of your server affect the website performance.

SNMP Monitoring

The new SNMP monitoring agent gives you the ability to monitor the status of SNMP enabled devices such as routers, firewalls or network attached storage (NAS) devices.  By applying multiple dotcom-monitor solutions to your environment you can achieve a more complete vision of how your infrastructure supports your web sites and applications under different conditions such as heavy user load.

Website Load TestingNewDashboard

Once you have monitors set up, it makes sense to perform some controlled load testing on the websites so that you can predict when you may need to expand your infrastructure based upon baseline results.  The new LoadView stress testing solution allows you to perform load tests on demand to simulate thousands of users hitting your site at once.  Performing these tests ahead of critical mass days such as black Friday help you determine if you need to scale up your infrastructure in advance so that you aren’t caught off guard when the real traffic hits your site.  The tests can be as simple as a user loading your home page to as advanced as a script of a user walking through your shopping cart experience.  Customize your load tests to best replicate actual traffic on your website.  LoadView gives you the power of simulating hundreds or thousands of users hitting your website from locations that you select around the world.  LoadView achieves this feat by spinning up virtual servers across different hosting environments such as Amazon cloud services.

Comprehensive Suite of Website Performance Monitoring Tools

Along with Dotcom-Monitor’s existing robust website performance monitoring, these new features give you a more comprehensive vision of your website infrastructure.  Bringing these services all together so that you are monitoring your website response time from different locations around the world, monitoring your networking devices for bandwidth usage, and monitoring your servers for performance bottlenecks gives you a 360 degree view of how your infrastructure affects your website.  Performing LoadView tests on top of this setup shows you’re the scalability of your systems and allows you to prepare for worst case scenarios before they happen in front of customers.  Sign up for a free trial today to get started monitoring and optimizing your web stack.

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