Fastest web host … best web hosting companies, put to the test [infographic]

Dotcom-Monitor compares the best web hosting companies, monitoring from around the globe to see whose website loads the fastest, indicating superior server performance.

People often judge web hosting companies by how fast the hosting servers deliver web pages. So, you’d think the top web hosting companies would make sure their own website was delivered fast, right?

With that in mind, we monitored the homepages of the most popular web hosts for two weeks to uncover the the fastest (and slowest) web host company server. We collected the data using the Dotcom-Monitor ServerView HTTP GET service with a monitoring frequency of 10 minutes. (run your own instant website test here)

The infographic below details the results;

The Best Web Hosting Companies, Server Performance Monitoring

{click on the infographic to download a high-res version}

Fastest web host website? Best web hosting companies put to the test. [infographic]


Web Host Server Response Time – Test Results

Web Host Company Avg World Avg USA Avg World 2 Avg USA 2 Totals
Web Hosting Pad 0.774 0.434 0.907 0.528 2.643
Fat Cow 0.675 0.469 1.000 0.642 2.786
Host Gator 0.757 0.397 1.794 0.255 3.203
InMotion Hosting 1.232 0.683 1.206 0.675 3.796
BlueHost 1.762 1.295 1.297 0.817 5.171
DreamHost 1.373 0.950 1.842 1.116 5.281
Network Solutions 1.911 1.317 1.461 0.745 5.434
GoDaddy 2.497 1.529 1.951 0.794 6.771
1&1 Web Hosting 2.503 1.888 1.929 1.360 7.680
AT&T Web Hosting 4.880 4.260 1.165 0.554 10.859

Notable fact: Compared to May, 2012, average server response time for all hosts increased!

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 The Top 3 Web Hosting Companies for Website Speed and Server Performance:

  1. Web Hosting Pad
  2. Fat Cow
  3. Host Gator


In 2012 we ran a similar test, where we monitored the 10 most influential web hosting companies’ websites for uptime and performance.

When the monitoring stats from all locations were considered, two web hosting sites showed exceptional results:

See how the other top web hosting companies fared in the post, Bluehost Fastest Web Hosting Website in Test of Best Web Hosting Sites.

A more recent 2016 independent analysis utilizing the Dotcom-Monitor ServerView platform shows the fastest web hosting companies to be GoDaddy and WebHostingPad.


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