CompiledScript.StartNetworkURLAnalyzer Method


Monitors URLs of every element on monitored web pages. If necessary, you can filter web requests to monitor only URLs that meet a specific search pattern. Used in conjunction with StopAnalyzer. See more here.

public void StartNetworkURLAnalyzer(string Name, WatcherType watcherType, string  filter, string  searchPattern, MaskType maskType, AnalyzingType analyzingType, int minCount, int maxCount)


 Name  string

 watcherType  WatcherType 

 filter  string

 searchPattern  string

 maskType  MaskType

 analyzingType  AnalyzingType

 minCount  int

 maxCount  int


StartNetworkURLAnalyzer ("URLAnalyzer_1", WatcherType.Alert, "*dotcom-monitor*", "*", MaskType.Wildcard, AnalyzingType.Match, 1, 0);