Dotcom-Monitor Wins DollarDays International with Reliable Website Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Offering Reliability, Competitive Advantage and Lifeline Alerts to Internet Retailers

Dotcom-Monitor wins DollarDays with reliable Website Performance and Customer Satisfaction
Dotcom-Monitor wins DollarDays with reliable Website Performance and Customer Satisfaction

MINNEAPOLIS, MN–(Marketwire – 09/21/09) – Dotcom-Monitor, (, a trusted industry provider of a unified suite of advanced yet affordable externally-hosted network & IT monitoring services, today announced that DollarDays International, (, a premier Internet-based product wholesaler, has selected Dotcom-Monitor for its fourth consecutive year continuing the businesses efforts to build entrepreneurs and small business owners into a competitive powerhouse against large enterprises.

DollarDays is a leading B2B online wholesale distributor of more than 45,000 high-quality products. The company’s unique, innovative business model enables small business owners to offer quality merchandise, free of membership, while reaping the same kinds of discounts and margins routinely offered exclusively to the largest retailers. Small businesses can also take advantage of DollarDays’ distributor program, which includes website creation and maintenance to help drive new virtual warehouse business.

Dotcom-Monitor wins DollarDays with reliable Website Performance and Customer Satisfaction

“As an online retailer, our business performance begins to suffer any time our site exhibits 5 seconds of delay in response time for our web applications, which can significantly impact our overall numbers,” said Marc Joseph, founder and president of DollarDays International. “A delay in response time can also precede website downtime, which has serious repercussions for our business. We were one of the first to start using Dotcom-Monitor’s services for the competitive advantage it gives our business and have stayed a customer for the reliable performance and alerts that have now become our lifeline.”

Dotcom-Monitor monitors millions of tasks every day on behalf of 7,000 customers worldwide. It provides monitoring solutions for a wide variety of systems and applications, including: Web Site Monitoring (HTTP), Secure Website Monitoring (HTTPS), Intel Trace route, Certificate Verification, Content Check, Accessibility Check, Performance Check, Cookie Support, SIP Monitoring (VoIP), Video Streaming Monitoring , E-Mail Servers (SMTP/POP3), Domain name servers (DNS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server, Telnet (Port Availability), Ping (ICMP) — Routers/Firewalls, UDP, Web Service (SOAP/HTTP), Media Streaming (Video and Audio), and DNS Blacklist Monitoring.

“We are proud to continue our long-standing partnership with DollarDays, (, and we’re equally proud of our contribution towards achieving the unbeatable website performance and reliability they deliver to their customers,” said Vadim Mazo, founder and chief technology officer of Dotcom-Monitor. “Website performance is a business-critical requirement in the e-commerce industry, and Dotcom-Monitor is well-positioned in that arena with a highly advanced monitoring service portfolio, but at a price point that averages one-third the price of our closest competitors.”


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