Website Monitoring Alerts – Advanced Configuration Capabilities

Group Alert Notifications: Know When to Get Your Most Seasoned Technicians Involved

Website Monitoring AlertsLet’s be honest. Your Tier-3 support technicians would rather be snoozing at 2 am then be awoken to a website monitoring alert notifying them that the network has gone down—particularly if your Tier-1 support team could have solved the problem within minutes.

Fortunately, your Tier-3 technicians can enjoy their slumber when simple networking problems arise, thanks to Dotcom-Monitor’s group alert functionalities.

Setting Website Monitoring Alert Parameters

Just as you wouldn’t invite your entire DevOps team to meetings to discuss specific initiative—you don’t need your entire IT team to address every single problem. Dotcom-Monitor’s highly-customizable alert system notifies the right people at the right time, allowing your organization to spend its time troubleshooting web performance issues and increasing efficiency.

While many traditional website monitoring solutions offer alerts based on preferred device (think e-mail, phone or SMS), they lack robust customization like group alerting or alert escalation. Dotcom-Monitor’s industry leading alerting system offers fully customizable templates for each member of an alert group, enabling each team member to receive tailored messages based on their role and need for error diagnostic information. Providing comprehensive customization of group alerts is just one small way that Dotcom-Monitor maintains its competitive edge.

How Does it Work?

Create your own notification groups and easily add/edit new groups in Dotcom-Monitor’s one-step interface. Group alerts permit your IT team to use various message formats — from multiple e-mails to wireless device e-mail addresses to phone numbers to SMS devices.

When your team enables alert escalation, each group will only receive a notification if a problem has persisted longer then a specified threshold. For example, your Tier-1 support team may be notified about an error the instant it occurs, whereas your Tier-2 support might not hear about it unless it persists for 10 minutes. Escalation time intervals range from immediate to three hours and are available in increments of 10 minutes.


To learn more about Dotcom-Monitor’s differentiating website monitoring alerts (including configuration and advanced options) see our Advanced Alerts Configuration/Options page.

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