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Website Uptime ButtonThe website Uptime Button provided free by Dotcom-Monitor is a tool that certifies to website visitors that an online business is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. It is a website uptime check tool that provides:

  • 30-minute website website uptime monitoring
  • A website button summarizing uptime, such as, “Uptime 100%”
  • Clickable drill-downs to detailed website uptime reports for website owners and visitors

Fine….but, how does the website Uptime Button help to position my online presence for success? One of the key principles involved in creating a successful website is establishing trust with users. The below key principles demonstrate how a third-party website uptime monitoring service (or validation tool) helps to create website trust with online users:

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Creating a web business that users trust involves a series of small steps. Setting up the website Uptime Button on a website helps to create trust in a unique, but important manner. Specifically, the Uptime Button provides an active measure of website reliability, rather than a passive approach (such as simply writing a lot of words designed to argue/entice/encourage trust). Also, rather than a passive website certification or stamp which may have been purchased in say, 2004, the website Uptime Button is active and ongoing with updates regarding website reliability occurring every 30-minutes.

Trust (but Verify)

The free Dotcom-Monitor Website Uptime Button actively demonstrates third-party verification of website reliability.

In much that same sense that during the late 1980’s Ronald Ragan famously said “Trust, but Verify” website visitors go through a series of decisions to trust a website only as far as they can verify that the online presence is trustworthy. One way to instill confidence in website users is to actively provide verified uptime and reliability. Moreover, by using the website Uptime Button the website itself is demonstrating trust by working with a third-party to provide key, verified information about the website.

Third-party Validation

Typically, website users are hesitant to interact with a website until they feel a website is reliable (“why interact with this website if it is going to fail after I input all this info?”). The Uptime Button helps to remove that hesitancy by assuring users that interacting with a website isn’t a waste of time, thus building website trust.

Building Trust with Details

For many online buyers of specialty products, or services trust is created not by marketing messages, but by reviewing the details. In fact, many website users inherently do not trust marketing language. They expect and demand openness and details. Providing details about your public-facing website helps to establish trust.

Demonstrate Dependability with the Dotcom-Monitor Website Uptime Monitoring Button

The Uptime Button is provided free by Dotcom-Monitor and certifies to your website visitors that your online business is reliable. Updated every 30-minutes, the average uptime and performance of your website is displayed on the Uptime Button itself. By clicking on the Uptime Button the user is linked to detailed graphical uptime reports.

  • Validates the dependability and usability of the website for visitors
  • Demonstrates third-party certified website uptime
  • Details of uptime are available to users and website owners

How it Works

Dotcom-Monitorautomatically gathers statistics about a website every 30-minutes. The Uptime Button shows the average website uptime and performance of  a website using that information. When a user clicks on the Uptime Button the user is linked to detailed graphical website uptime monitoring reports.

Click Here to See it in Action

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** If you don’t want to install our Free Website Uptime Monitoring Button, but want to run an instant website uptime check, try Dotcom-Monitor’s Free Website Uptime Checker. **

If you’re looking for more information on internal server uptime, specifically Windows servers, check out, the Internet Resource for Windows Management Tools to learn more about different vendors and services available to the monitoring community.

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