Update on U.S. Bancorp, PNC, Wells Fargo Outage: Reported Cyber Attack

Dotcom-Monitor is tracking the current Wells Fargo Bank outage as well as a reported US Bank outage and PNC outage. For an immediate update on the bank outage status run our free instant test. The issue is a reported denial-of-service attack, however at this time Dotcom-Monitor cannot confirm that assessment as reported by news outlets. As of 5:11 pm CST the Wells Fargo system appears to be stabilizing, but some users may experience longer than usual connection and load times. Note, for example, this 24 -second connection time from our Minnesota location at 5:12 pm CST:

Wells Fargo Outage Cyber Attack
Wells Fargo Outage Report

At this time, additional banks outages reported by Fox News as associated with the reported denial-of-service attack include US Bank and PNC Financial. As of 5:25 pm CST news outlets have not reported that PNC had independently confirmed that the PNC downtime was associated  with the group claiming responsibility, the Mrt. Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters. (See how banks can respond to downtime in our followup piece: PNC Financial: After the Website Outage, next steps.)

As of 5:35 pm CST using the free worldwide test tool PNC page load times in a browser from multiple US locations showed < 5-second load times. The PNC Financial home page appears to be operating normally at this time. See Minnesota-location example here:

PNC Cyber Attack
PNC Outage Report

The LA Times has run a story in which the US Bank outage was confirmed by US Bank officials as being associated with the same Mrt. Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters group that reportedly created the Wells Fargo denial of service attack.  As of 5:47 pm CST the free worldwide instant test shows U.S. Bank home page continuing to show an inability to pull the page from many worldwide monitoring locations.

U.S. Bank Cyber Attack
U.S. Bank Outage Report

Dotcom-Monitor cannot confirm a denial of service attack is behind the current bank issues. We will provide updates on information regarding these banking websites as we research the issue.  As of 6:12 pm CST Dotcom-Monitor continues to see issues with the US Bank website’s ability to load from many monitoring locations. We encourage users of these sites to continue to check availability using the free instant worldwide test located here.


[box title=”How Banks Should Respond to Downtime” color=”#333333″]See how banks can respond to downtime in our followup piece: PNC Financial: After the Website Outage, next steps.[/box]

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