Website Server Speed Test – Impact of Traffic Loads on Euro Sites [Infographic]

Website Server Speed Test – As worldwide soccer fans went crazy about Euro 2012, the Dotcom-Monitor team took advantage of an opportunity to study how popular media site servers covering Euro 2012 behave when thousands of visitors converge on these websites.  Dotcom-Monitor ran website server speed tests and monitored the most popular media site servers covering Euro 2012 from June 8 – June 15, which enabled us to validate how the performance of these media website servers changed and how well the tech teams had prepared for a surge in website traffic due to the Euro 2012 event.

BTW, the results of an initial first week of website server speed testing and monitoring for Euro 2012 was also published.

(To run a test for yourself, see our Free Website Server Speed Test.)

Based on the website server speed test results the media sites that achieved the Best Server Performance and Best Website Performance during the final Championship Game between Italy and Spain for Euro 2012 are:

The Infographic:

Website Server Speed Test - Euro Media Sites
Website Server Speed Test – Impact of Traffic Loads on Euro Sites [Infographic]

How we monitored the websites:

The Dotcom-Monitor team used two monitoring approaches to ensure accurate and comprehensive data: the ServerView Monitoring platform was used to analyze web server performance and availability, while the BrowserView Monitoring platform used a Firefox browser to provide performance details on website speed, or how fast the whole site loads.

Technical details

Monitoring dates: June, 8 – July, 1

Monitoring geography: USA, Europe, Asia

Monitoring frequency: 15 minutes

Run your own website server speed test

To run a test for yourself, see our Free Website Server Speed Test.


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