Minnesota Give to the Max Day 2013 – GiveMN Razoo Website Crashes

GiveMN and Razoo Websites Down

GiveMN Razoo Website CrashesThe big giving day, Nov. 14, 2013, for GiveMN and the Razoo charity website that administers it, was a day of crashes due to a reported overloaded system leaving contributors without a easy online avenue for contributing to favorite charities. Dotcom-Monitor, a Minneapolis based website monitoring company, is tracking the the status of the website live here.

Minnesota Give to the Max Day Website Down

On November 14, 2013 – Minnesota Give to the Max Day 2013 went down mid-campaign.

Early Thursday afternoon, GiveMN commented on the downtime issues via their Facebook Page: “We are experiencing a tremendous surge of giving. We are working to get the site back up and running as quickly as possible.”

To make matters worse, GTMD13 host company Razoo saw downtime as well, as they host the Give MN website and giving portal. Many users experienced a 502 Server Error on Razoo.com, prior to Razoo setting up a temporary landing page informing contributors of the “overload”.

Give to the Max Day Website Down
Minnesota Give to the Max Day 2013 Website Goes Down.

About Minnesota Give to the Max Day

The Great Minnesota Give Together – Give to the Max Day is, for many, a traditional day to make the most of charitable giving. Give to the Max Day 2012 generated over $16 million for well over 4,000 schools, local theater groups, and charities. Last year, more than 50,000 Minnesotans generously donated to the cause.

Participants of GTMD13 include Children’s Theatre Company performance, Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir performance, Youth Frontiers performance, and many more.

Live Dashboard to Check Uptime Status

As the servers of Razoo are currently overloaded, rather than constant checking their website to see if it’s up (and adding to the overload), Dotcom-Monitor has  a live dashboard indicating the status of the Minnesota Give to the Max Day 2013 site here.

GiveMN Website Down GTMD13
A screen capture of the GiveMN – GTMD13 – website down.

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