Preparation Is Key When Managing Web Traffic – Load Balancing 101

IaaS Superhighway

If you think of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) industry as a superhighway, there are plenty of exit ramps for all of the various topics that make up the world of IaaS.

Recently, Dyn decided to veer off the IaaS highway and onto the Load Balancing exit ramp. Load balancing is an important topic in the IaaS industry for anyone with web traffic robust enough to have concerns over where that traffic comes from and where it goes. The reason? Web traffic from a huge news story, a big product announcement, or any other item that causes people to flood a website with visits can happen at any time.

Load Balancing Managed DNS

Load Balancing Managed DNS
Load balancing can be tricky!

In the case of managing web traffic, preparation is the key. Moreover, load balancing managed domain name server (DNS) processes is an important method for preparing for web traffic. So, how do you know if your web infrastructure is prepared for a surge in web traffic?

In order to answer that question Dyn partnered with Dotcom-Monitor to produce a one-hour Load Balancing webinar; tackling the theories, concepts, real world applications, and how-to tips for properly balancing web traffic loads. The goal? Optimal uptime.

Dyn Webinar: Intro To Managed DNS – Load Balancing with Dotcom-Monitor

Conducting the webinar were Dyn’s Andrew Sullivan, Director of DNS Engineering, Dotcom-Monitor’s Vadim Mazo, CTO, and Brad Canham, VP of Sales and Marketing. The trio presented their findings – including many important and interesting statistics – and took questions from the viewers on a myriad of load balancing queries.

If you’re unsure of whether your website is prepared for web traffic surges, or a “DNS rush hour”, watch this webinar now.

Josh NasonThis guest blog post was written by Josh Nason, Content Marketing Manager for Dyn, the worldwide IaaS (Internet Infrastructure as a Service) leader with a full suite of DNS and email delivery services. Follow on Twitter: @JoshNason and @Dyn.

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