Web Monitoring Metrics that Matter: Introducing the New Relic Platform

New Relic Platform
Dotcom-Monitor Plugin in New Relic Platform

Let’s face it, application stacks are complex. Depending on its environment, each application can have hundreds of critical components that are vital to performance and reliability. Monitoring each individual competent often requires multiple non-integrated application monitoring tools to gain visibility into a stack, making troubleshooting app performance issues a challenge.

Our partner, New Relic, has a great SaaS-based internal monitoring APM tool. Now they’ve made it even better with the release of the New Relic Platform – a seamless new way to monitor the performance of any technology through the New Relic interface.

The New Relic Platform supplies in-depth, real time insight into the performance of each component of your application stack – from cloud services, to the database, caching, networking, queuing and more. With New Relic’s internal metrics and Dotcom-Monitor’s external data, developers can now monitor and boost performance of their entire web app environment like never before – all from one seamless integrated dashboard.

Dotcom-Monitor Plugin for New Relic Platform

The Dotcom-Monitor plugin integrates performance data from a robust global monitoring network into the New Relic Platform dashboard.  The plugin displays external web, network and application performance metrics, pulling everything into one place for powerful insight into your application’s speed, performance, and functionality.

New Relic Platform Plugin Installation

Current customers who wish to integrate Dotcom-Monitor’s external monitoring data inside their New Relic dashboard should submit a support ticket to Dotcom-Monitor asking for New Relic integration (be sure to supply your New Relic License Key in the ticket). Once that ticket is received, Dotcom-Monitor will authorize your account and your data will begin populating your New Relic Platform dashboard.

New Relic Platform Dotcom-Monitor Plugin Partner
Dotcom-Monitor Plugin metrics as part of New Relic Platform

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If you do not yet have a Dotcom-Monitor account, you may signup for a Free Dotcom-Monitor Trial here.

Dotcom-Monitor customers are entitled to a New Relic Standard account (a $49/month/server value!) absolutely free. Sign-up for a Free New Relic Standard Account here.

Gain insight into the metrics of your web application stack. Visit newrelic.com/platform to start using the New Relic Platform.

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