#GiveToTheMaxDay Website issues in Minnesota

#GiveToTheMaxDay is having some issues in Minnesota again. The website https://www.givemn.org  has been overloaded by the number of people attempting to visit the website and donate. Luckily they have been able to keep the MultiGive tool online so users can continue to make donations to the causes of their choice.givesitedown

Sometimes it can be tough for nonprofit organizations to deal with spikes in traffic because they’re often running on donated or outdated servers, according to WebHostingBuddy.com. One way to solve this problem is by making an modest investment in higher tier web hosting for nonprofits instead of being relegated to overcrowded shared servers. And of course, another way to ensure that sites don’t go down is to make sure you’re actively monitoring them and performing load testing to ensure that they can handle the traffic that comes with viral publicity.

Dotcom-Monitor keeps an eye on websites to make sure they are working properly and notify the site owners when they go down. We also have a great tool that can help with capacity planning ahead of events such as Give to the Max day, where users can generate simulated load on their websites to ensure it can handle the expected load. LoadView is a cloud based tool that gives you the power of on-demand performance testing for websites and web applications. Check it out now by signing up for a free trial and we will give you free credits to test the system.

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