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Internet Backbone
Network Services Monitoring

The Internet Backbone for Noobs – Infographic

Deep within the very heart of your body, lurks a force so intrusive and so powerful that it would terrify you if you came face to face with it. Your backbone – which is, in fact, many bones that together hold your skeleton and the rest of your body together.

The Internet also has a backbone. And just like your backbone, the Internet backbone holds the Internet together – a network of high capacity communications routes linking local Internet networks (comprising over 35 million Internet server sites) across land and under the sea. Here is a quick look at the Internet backbone.

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Monitoring the Double Rainbow | Streaming Media Monitoring Tools

The Double Rainbow video guy is shilling for Microsoft and the stats on online videos continue on a sky rocketing uptick. Thus spoketh Double Rainbow guy “It’s so beautiful, but what does it mean?” It means that the ying of online video is in a gigantic, exuberantly crazy growth phase and that the yang of streaming media monitoring is nearby.

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