Black Friday 2012 Website Outage Watch – Minnesota Online Retailers

Black Friday Website Outage

Black Friday 2012 Website Outage Watch

Dotcom-Monitor is currently monitoring the 12 Minnesota online retailers that ranked in the Internet Retailer 500 list in 2011. The website monitoring platform is currently aggregating information on Minnesota online retailers webpage speed, uptime / downtime, and details on the page element performance. Website homepages are being tested via an Internet Explorer browser running full page renders every 15 minutes from nine North American locations. These tests will not only provide a baseline for Minnesota’s top online retailers, but will also provide Dotcom-Monitor the data and analytics to pinpoint issues that occur on these Minnesota online company websites in relation to Black Friday, the Holiday Season and the increased traffic and server stress that will ensue.

Dotcom-Monitor and Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal Reporting on Black Friday 2012 Website Outages

The Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal has picked up the story and is in communication with Dotcom-Monitor regarding the Black Friday 2012 Minnesota online retailer watch. You may read one of the articles here -> Target, Best Buy websites are monitored by MN company heading into Black Friday. Heading into Black Friday and the Holiday Season there are expected to be some website outages and downtime issues, as server capacity errors and ensuing website slowdowns are common around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For example, Black Friday 2011 saw Victoria’s Secret and Walmart websites go down, among several other Internet Retailer Top 500 companies. If major Black Friday 2012 website outages occur, Dotcom-Monitor and the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal will be reporting with technical analysis on the issues and their impact.

For specific details on the Minnesota online retailers website monitoring see -> Minnesota’s Top Online Retailers Prep Websites for Black Friday Rush.


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