Website Speed Test: BBC has the Fastest Website for Watching Euro 2012 [Infographic]

Website Speed Test: Who has the Fastest Website for Watching the Euro Championship?

After running a website speed test and monitoring and analyzing performance of the top websites that provide Euro 2012 coverage, we are unveiling the fastest media website. And the winner is… BBC.CO.UK! Congratulations to the BBC tech team for providing excellent website speed performance during the entire first week, June 8-15, 2012 of the Euro Championship. (if you would like to run a test for yourself, see our free website speed test tool)

As you can see from the key at the bottom of the infographic the website speed test measurement uses BrowserView Monitoring conducting a Firefox browser test every 15-minutes to determine average load time from world wide locations in the USA, Asia, and Europe. Also specified is the average load time from Minnesota, United States (where we, Dotcom-Monitor, are located). Finally, webpage size and the number of page objects is shown in order to show the “weight” of each website relative to its speed.

Website Speed Test – Fastest Website for Watching Euro 2012 – Infographic:

Website Speed Test: Euro 2012 [Infographic]
Website Speed Test: BBC has the Fastest Website for Watching Euro 2012 [Infographic]


We are continuing website speed tests and our monitoring contest. As the Euro 2012 Final approaches, the Euro 2012 participants will need to cope with heavier and heavier loads. As the news spreads that the BBC is the fastest loading Euro 2012 media site will they retain their edge, or slow due to an increase in users? Will the BBC stay in the lead? Stay tuned for next week’s contest!

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